PRODUCT: Teforia, A Revolution In Tea Making…& The History Of Tea Bags

Man has been brewing tea for thousands of years—using loose leaves (photo #1) until the accidental invention of the tea bag in 1904. A BRIEF HISTORY OF THE TEA BAG Ships bearing tea from China first arrived in Britain in the 17th century, and their cargo created a drinking passion among Britons. The first teas… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Teforia, A Revolution In Tea Making…& The History Of Tea Bags”

FOOD FUN: Watermelon Iced Tea

[1] Basic watermelon iced tea, recipe below (photo courtesy Republic Of Tea). [2] Watermelon-pomegranate green iced tea. Here’s the recipe from [3] Fresh herbs and watermelon are a delightful pair. Here’s a recipe for Watermelon Basil Iced Tea from The Candid Appetite.   It’s a magical August day here: lower-than-average temperature, low humidity. It’s… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Watermelon Iced Tea”

PRODUCT: Grow Your Own Tea

If you live in hardiness zones 8-10—the southern United States—and have a spot with full sun, you can grow your own tea with plants from Burpee. One individual commenting on the Burpee website had success in Zone 6. Here’s the USDA map of hardiness zones. Tea, Camellia sinensis, is a perennial plant. The same plant… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Grow Your Own Tea”

PRODUCT: A New Manual Coffee Grinder

Everything is cyclical, even mundane household appliances like the coffee grinder. In centuries past, coffee beans were ground manually. Depending on your age, your great-grandmother ground beans in a rectangular wood or metal mill (or combination) with a ceramic burr. The grains fell into a drawer underneath the mechanism. But technology marches on: first to… Continue reading “PRODUCT: A New Manual Coffee Grinder”

PRODUCTS: 5 Beverage Favorites

1. ANGRY ORCHARD: ORCHARD’S EDGE KNOTTY PEAR Hard apple cider is hot, but what about perry? Pears are also turned into hard cider, called perry in the U.K.; but perry is not as well known in the U.S. American cider makers tend to label their perries as pear cider. And there are far fewer of… Continue reading “PRODUCTS: 5 Beverage Favorites”