RECIPE: Cranberry-Orange Relish Variations

[1] This recipe, from Healthy Seasonal Recipes, substitutes raspberry jam for some of the sugar. [2] Whole fresh cranberries last for months in the fridge. We pop them into the freezer to make this relish year-round (photo courtesy Ocean Spray).   November 22nd is National Cranberry Relish Day. This classic cranberry-orange relish recipe from Ocean…
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TIP OF THE DAY: How To Keep Gravy Hot

Yesterday we offered seven tips to fix gravy that was too thick, too thin, too salty, etc. So now that you have your perfect gravy, how can you keep it warm? It’s simple: Use your thermos! This tip works with gravy made in advance, as well as gravy whipped up just before serving…and the extra…
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TIP OF THE DAY: 7 Gravy Hacks For Thanksgiving Dinner (Or Anytime)

>Arrived 2016 in a list from WFM, but largely amended from other sources.

TIP OF THE DAY: Ways To Use Cranberry Relish

Thanksgiving is our favorite cultural holiday, because foods appear on the table that we don’t see much of for the rest of the year. Like cranberry-orange relish, one of our faves. We have no one to blame but ourself; and last year we stuck half a dozen bags of fresh cranberries into the freezer, to…
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TIP OF THE DAY: 10 Flavor Upgrades To Your Sandwiches

November 3rd is National Sandwich Day (August is National Sandwich Month). Since grandma’s day, the American sandwich has evolved from meat, cheese or fish, on bread or a roll, with a schmear of mustard or mayo, to…anything goes. Here’s what some of America’s chefs are doing with sandwich spreads, courtesy of Flavor And The Menu,…
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