TIP OF THE DAY: Trending Ways To Serve Falafel


TIP OF THE DAY: DIY Sundae Bar For Valentine’s Day

[1] The classic: a brownie sundae (photo courtesy Dove Chocolate Discoveries). [2] A caramel pecan sundae atop a caramel pecan bar (photo courtesy Go Bold With Butter). [3] Hot fudge with blondie crumbs and raspberries (photo courtesy Elegant Affairs Caterers). [4] Strawberry sundae with cookie crumbles (photo courtesy McConnell’s Ice Cream).   We love to…
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VALENTINE’S DAY: Chocolate & Cheese Plate Pairings

We often enjoy a cheese plate for dessert, and sometimes add a piece of dark chocolate to it. Castello Cheese has taken the idea further, creating an entire dessert platter. They’ve chosen three of their cheeses—Castello Creamy Havarti, Blue Crumbles, and Double Crème White. We’re modifying that a bit with our own choices: brie or…
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FOOD FUN: Garnish Your Avocado Half

Avocado halves garnished with black and white sesame seeds, at Bo’s Kitchen.   We often enjoy an avocado half for breakfast, plain or with a splash of balsamic vinegar. We also have it as a first course with lunch or dinner. While we’ve filled the centers with everything from tuna salad to marinated cherry tomatoes…
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