As we write this, we’re enjoying our fifth flavor of swirly buns from Just Buns, a homey family business that aims to provide Americans with a better breakfast pastry (using Mama’s decades-old swirly bun recipe). Send a box of the handmade, all-natural buns as a gift. Unlike the ginormous Cinnabon, here’s a more elegant bun… Continue reading “FATHER’S DAY & GOURMET GIVEAWAY: A Box Of Swirly Buns”

GOURMET GIVEAWAY: Sea Cuisine Seafood

Whether you’re in the mood for Asian, Caribbean, Italian or good modern American cuisine, Sea Cuisine has an entrée for you. If you win this week’s Gourmet Giveaway, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of chef-inspired recipes, including Tortilla Crusted Tilapia, Tuscan Parmesan Crusted Shrimp and Roasted Garlic & Herb Scallops. Sea… Continue reading “GOURMET GIVEAWAY: Sea Cuisine Seafood”

CONTEST: Call For Avocado Recipes

If you’ve got a special avocado recipe with a culinary twist, it could win $3,000. Avocados originated in Mexico. Central Mexico’s sun-drenched climate; fertile, rich soil; and abundant rainfall combine to create a very creamy avocado. Check out the history of the avocado. The Hass variety of avocado, grown in Mexico, is prized by chefs… Continue reading “CONTEST: Call For Avocado Recipes”

GOURMET GIVEAWAY #1: Picaboo Personal Recipe Book

Create your own family cookbook (or any type of album) with a customized Picaboo book. Photo courtesy Picaboo. Have you always wanted to create your own recipe book? Do you want to create a memorable volume of recipes from different generations of your family? Do you want to create a memorial to Grandma by publishing… Continue reading “GOURMET GIVEAWAY #1: Picaboo Personal Recipe Book”

CONTEST: Vote For The New Dunkin Donuts Flavor

Three of the 12 flavor finalists. Vote early, vote often. Time to judge the donuts! Dunkin’ Donuts has announced the 12 finalists in the second annual “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” contest from among 90,000 entries. The winner will receive a $12,000 grand prize and have his or her donut creation sold in participating Dunkin’ Donuts… Continue reading “CONTEST: Vote For The New Dunkin Donuts Flavor”