FOOD FUN: Enjoya Bell Peppers

With coloring more like a Gala apple than a bell pepper, the Enjoya pepper has a rosy red striping over a canary yellow background. They are a new bell pepper cultivar. In 2013, Wilfred van den Berg, a Dutch grower, found this beautiful mutant variety pepper on a plant in his greenhouse. He partnered with…
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TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Pernod Classic Liqueur

[1] Pernod created what is now called Pernod Classic in 1915, when a component its absinthe liqueur, wormwood, was declared illegal. See the history of absinthe (photo courtesy [2] Pernod is a delicious addition to seafood dishes like this bouillabaisse, as well as cream sauces with seafood (photo courtesy Pernod Ricard). [3] Use Pernod…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Sugar Snap Peas

Look in the produce section for sugar snap peas, a spring treat. Sugar snap peas, sometimes just called sugar peas or snap peas, are edible-podded peas, meaning that you eat the whole pod. They can be distinguished from another popular edible pod, snow peas, in that their pods are rounded and firm as opposed to…
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FOOD HOLIDAY: International Carbonara Day
All information from the International Pasta Organization (IPO) and Italian Association of the Industries of Pasta and Dolci (AIDEPI).\