TIP OF THE DAY: Ice Cream Toppings Beyond The Usual

Most of us use particular condiments on foods out of habit. The convention differs among countries. Americans might use steak sauce while Argentinians use chimichurri. In the U.S., it?s maple syrup that goes on top of pancakes. In Eastern Europe and elsewhere it?s jam, in the U.K. it?s golden syrup, a.k.a. light treacle, a thick,… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Ice Cream Toppings Beyond The Usual”

RECIPE: Blueberry Pie With Purple Crust

[1] and [2] Have some fun with your pie crusts (photo courtesy Dulce Delight). [3] You can make the crust in different colors (photo courtesy Balducci?s). [4] Vermont Creamery?s European-Style Butter has 86% butterfat, compared to 80% with most supermarket brands (photo courtesy Good Eggs).   We came across this purple crust on the website… Continue reading “RECIPE: Blueberry Pie With Purple Crust”

TIP OF THE DAY: 12+ Other Uses For Trail Mix

August 31st is National Trail Mix Day, but we?re jumping the gun with today?s tip. Trail mix is a popular grab-and-go snack. Leave out the chocolate chips (substitute toffee chips or M&Ms), and it?s a great hot-weather grab-and-go. It?s also fun to make your own creative blend of ingredients. 12+ USES FOR EXTRA (LEFTOVER) TRAIL… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: 12+ Other Uses For Trail Mix”

FOOD FUN: Breakfast Ice Cream Sandwiches

Time for breakfast: waffles, bacon and [frozen] yogurt (photo courtesy King Arthur Flour).   This idea comes from the savvy bakers at King Arthur Flour: Breakfast Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches (as if you needed an excuse to have ice cream for breakfast!). Cook some waffles and bacon, and sandwich with frozen yogurt instead of topping… Continue reading “FOOD FUN: Breakfast Ice Cream Sandwiches”

TIP OF THE DAY: Grown Up Snow Cones

Remember your childhood summers, and how happy a snow cone made you? The rainbow snow cone (photo #3) was our personal favorite. Alas, when one?s palate evolves, those overly-sweet syrups from street vendors no longer bring pleasure. And the day-glow colors? Sheesh! One way we?ve worked around this is to make adult snow cones with… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Grown Up Snow Cones”