TRENDS: Current Favorites & Next Wave Foods

Will kimchi, Korean hot pickled vegetables, be replaced by Mexican hot pickled vegetables as a topping for burgers, sandwiches, eggs and other fusion dishes? Photo courtesy   What’s next after the current food trends? Parade magazine took a look at What America Eats with predictions from Mimi Sheraton, author of 1,000 Foods To Eat… Continue reading “TRENDS: Current Favorites & Next Wave Foods”

TRENDS: Restaurant Produce

Many of us who love to cook get ideas from creative restaurant chefs. It’s their job to present new and different preparations to tempt customers. It could be as simple as produce (NB the onslaught of kale, first in restaurants, then in our homes). What’s next? Nation’s Restaurant News polled nearly 1,300 chefs in its… Continue reading “TRENDS: Restaurant Produce”

TRENDS: Restaurant Focus For 2015

No more waste: In restaurant kitchens, everything can have a second life. Citrus peel is turned into marmalade. Photo courtesy Lola Loves Green.   What are the top culinary concerns for restaurateurs this year? According to a survey by Nation’s Restaurant News, the top five focus on gluten-free and sustainability. 1. ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY Safeguarding natural… Continue reading “TRENDS: Restaurant Focus For 2015”

TRENDS: What’s Hot in 2015

Bánh-mi, a Vietnamese submarine sandwich on a baguette. Photo courtesy The Great Pepper Cookbook by Melissa’s Produce.   Nation’s Restaurant News, the major trade paper and website for those in the restaurant industry, reports that Americans are becoming more interested in trying new ethnic foods—especially (but not surprisingly) in restaurants. What “ethnic” means varies from… Continue reading “TRENDS: What’s Hot in 2015”

PRODUCT: Cake In A Jar

Way back in 2009, we discovered the excellent cake in a jar from Yummy Cupcakes in Los Angeles. It became a Top Pick Of The Week, and one of those products that, years later, we still pine for, remembering every spoonful. The trend was slow in starting. After five years, in the past week we’ve… Continue reading “PRODUCT: Cake In A Jar”