TIP OF THE DAY: Sautéed Bananas Ice Cream Sundae

Many kids in the U.S. get excited over a banana split, a.k.a. banana boat. Some grown-up kids still do, as evidenced by variations of the dessert on menus of restaurants catering to adults. With a banana split, the fruit comes straight from the peel. It may not be perfectly ripe, thus contributing a slightly hard…
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It seems that once or twice a year, a new brand of artisan ice cream pops up in a local store. Ice cream lover that we are, we try every one. They’re all good, but aside from the occasional groovy flavor, they don’t distinguish themselves from all the other good ice cream in the freezer…
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FOOD FUN: Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches & More Cherry Food Fun

[1] Cherry vanilla ice cream sandwiches are one way to celebrate Washington’s birthday (photo courtesy Delicious.com.au). [2] Dried cherries to sprinkle on anything or serve with cheese (photo courtesy Murray’s Cheese). [3] Frozen cherries turned into Cherries Jubilee (photo courtesy Williams-Sonoma). [4] Enjoy a shot of cherry liqueur, or add it to tea or atop…
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RECIPE: Bourbon Slush Frozen Cocktail


Chowhound: The recipe I have used calls for 12 ounces of previously frozen cherries thawed with juices reserved. There should be about 10 tablespoons juice, then add enough water to the juices to equal 1 1/2 cups total. Add 1/2 cup sugar, the cherries, and bring to a boil, simmer for 1 min.
Remove from heat.

Remove the cherries with a skimmer or slotted spoon, and I put the cherries in a heatproof glass bowl or you could put them in a 1 quart jar. Add 1/2 cup brandy or cognac, cover and set aside.

Bring the cherry syup to a boil in a large pan, then continue boiling until it has reduced to 1 cup. Pour the syrup over the cherry/brandy mixture, stir or swirl a bit and after it has cooled refrigerate. The cherries are supposed to keep covered for up to 3 months as is but I have never had them last that long.

TIP OF THE DAY: DIY Sundae Bar For Valentine’s Day

[1] The classic: a brownie sundae (photo courtesy Dove Chocolate Discoveries). [2] A caramel pecan sundae atop a caramel pecan bar (photo courtesy Go Bold With Butter). [3] Hot fudge with blondie crumbs and raspberries (photo courtesy Elegant Affairs Caterers). [4] Strawberry sundae with cookie crumbles (photo courtesy McConnell’s Ice Cream).   We love to…
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