TIP OF THE DAY: Vegetable Crudo, A New Way To Enjoy Raw Vegetables



PRODUCTS FOR CAMPERS: This Week’s Favorites

[1] Fairytale’s Magic Morsels are “bites,” one-quarter the size of a standard brownie (photo courtesy Fairytale Brownies). [2] Tasty healthfulness: delicious by themselves, with a glass of milk or a cup of coffee (photo courtesy Kristin Hostetter | SNewsnet). [3] Are low-sugar gummy bears guilt-free? Pretty much (photo courtesy Smart Sweets).   When we were…
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RECIPE: Ceviche & Lettuce Cups

[1] Ceviche in lettuce cups (photo courtesy The Chalk Board Magazine). [2] Want something more substantial? Fill an avocado half: Here’s the recipe (photo courtesy Avocados From Mexico). [3] Want something more elegant? Get out your Martini glasses (photo courtesy Elegant Affairs Caterers). [4] Ceviche with a fried plantain garnish from Chef Todd English |…
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