TIP OF THE DAY: Turning Bland Foods Into Flavorful Foods

Two days ago we showed how to give international flair to poke, the Hawaiian spin on sashimi salad. Today, our colleague Hannah Kaminsky transforms one of the blandest foods in America (via Italy): gnocchi. Here, she makes a fusion dish of potato gnocchi and Indian spices (photo #1), to create “samosa* gnocchi,” inspired by the…
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FOOD HOLIDAY: International Carbonara Day

All information from the International Pasta Organization (IPO) and Italian Association of the Industries of Pasta and Dolci (AIDEPI).\https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/wordofmouth/2012/may/10/how-to-cook-perfect-spaghetti-carbonara

FOOD FUN: Valentine’s Day Pizzas

[1] What’s not to love: a heart shape pizza from Boston’s Pizza. [2] Papa John’s testament to loving pizza. [3] It’s easy to cut pepperoni slices into hearts. Here’s how from Ciao Florentina.   February 9th is National Pizza Day, and it’s five days before Valentine’s Day. How about combining the two? While some local…
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PRODUCT: Bertolli Alfredo Sauce For Fettuccine Alfredo Day

Just in time for National Alfredo Day, February 7th, Bertolli has introduced two USDA-certified organic alfredo pasta sauces. The creamy new sauces are available in two delicious varieties, including: Bertolli Organic Creamy Alfredo Bertolli Organic Garlic Alfredo   Available at grocers nationwide, these sauces are made from all-organic ingredients including aged parmesan and fresh cream.…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Quinoa, A Complete Protein, & Quinoa Pasta

[1] White quinoa seeds (photo Methyl Soy | Wikipedia). [2] Red quinoa fried rice topped with an egg, at P.F. Chang’s. [3] Quinoa tabbouheh, at Andina Restaurant | Portland (photo by Eric Cable). [4] Harvesting red quinoa: back-breaking work (photo courtesy Tru Roots). [5] Three styles of quinoa pasta from Pereg Gourmet.   For more…
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