TIP OF THE DAY: Tortellini Kebabs

Tortellini and cheese kebabs are a different twist on a party favorite—and they go great with wine and beer. Cook, cool and marinate cheese and/or spinach tortellini in a vinaigrette or bottled Italian dressing. Drain and alternate on skewers with cubes of ham, salami, cheese (small mozzarella balls or perlini are perfect) and chunks of… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Tortellini Kebabs”

NEW PRODUCT: Gluten-Free Lasagna & Meatballs

Nothing makes us happier than a good lasagna—and this one will make people on gluten-free diets extremely happy. Made by Food Matters, a company that makes frozen prepared foods catering to dietary needs, we’d be happy to fill our freezer with these. Then, when we have a lasagna jones—often—we’d have a Food Matters lasagna piping… Continue reading “NEW PRODUCT: Gluten-Free Lasagna & Meatballs”

TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Nuovo Pasta Gourmet Ravioli

Ravioli lovers, dinner-party givers, and foodies of all inclinations: It doesn’t get more exciting than this. The word “ravioli” typically conjures up the image of pleasant pasta pillows stuffed with some vague meat or cheese. Not any more! Be prepared to be blasted to a higher level of ravioli consciousness by the artisans at Nuovo… Continue reading “TOP PICK OF THE WEEK: Nuovo Pasta Gourmet Ravioli”

TIP OF THE DAY: St. Patrick’s Day Eggs

You don’t have to hunt for green bagels for St. Patrick’s Day breakfast. Start your day with a nutritious green breakfast by adding pesto sauce to the eggs beaten for scrambled eggs, omelets, a frittata or quiche. Mix in one teaspoon per egg. Decorate the plate with fresh basil or spinach leaves, and you’ll start… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: St. Patrick’s Day Eggs”

TIP OF THE DAY: Saucy Gifts

March is National Sauce Month, so share the love. If you make a favorite pasta sauce—or if you’ve been thinking of trying a new recipe—all of that work can make many more people happy. Just make double or triple the amount you usually would. You can freeze the extra sauce in pint containers, not just… Continue reading “TIP OF THE DAY: Saucy Gifts”