TIP OF THE DAY: Uses For Leftover Wine

[1] Make a holiday sangria (photo courtesy Stick A Fork. [2] Use leftover wine to poach pears or apples (photo courtesy Sunbasket). [3] Fun wine gift: stylish cans from WineSociety.   A couple of years ago we published a piece called 20 Ways To Use Leftover Wine. Here’s a mini holiday version, with two ways…
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RECIPE: Truffled Matzoh Ball Soup





TIP OF THE DAY: Make Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips & Pretzels

[1] Chocolate-covered potato chips with a sprinkle of red chile flakes (photo courtesy My Food Story). [2] Chocolate-covered pretzel rods with holiday sprinkles. Here’s the recipe from Taste Of Home).   If you like to give homemade gifts or party favors, how about chocolate-covered potato chips or pretzels? While you can find them at retailers,…
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RECIPE: Matzoh Ball Salad

When we first saw this photo (#1) on Angelica Kitchen’s Facebook page, we thought it was a matzoh balls salad. We soon discovered that the matzoh ball look-alikes are actually masa corn dumplings (chochoyotes). In case you’ve never thought about it [and who has?], matzoh balls are a different style of dumplings than pierogi and…
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