FOOD FUN: Go Bananas

These healthful snacks—bananas, peanut butter and a second fruit—have so much pizzazz that we think they can go right to the dessert plate. You can use any flavor of peanut butter (check out these flavors from PB & Co.—dark or white chocolate, honey, pumpkin spice). If you’re not a PB or other nut butter fan,…
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RECIPE: Portobello ‘Steak’ & Salad

In keeping with the trends to more plant-based meals, this tasty recipe uses the “meatiest” mushrooms, portobellos. (Is it portobello, portabella or portobella? Here’s the scoop.)     WHAT’S A PORTOBELLO/PORTABELLA MUSHROOM? When cremini mushrooms (photo #3) are allowed to continue growing, they grow up into more complex-flavored portabellas, meaty in both taste and appearance…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Red Grapefruit, A Winter Treasure

[1] Grapefruit and goat cheese crostini. Enjoy them with a glass of sparkling rosé (photo courtesy Fit Mitten Kitchen). [2] Sliced red grapefruit (photo courtesy Fit Mitten Kitchen). [3] Fill an avocado half with red grapefruit, plain or lightly tossed with flavored olive oil or a sweet vinaigrette (photo courtesy Rio Star). [4] A grapefruit…
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TIP OF THE DAY: Make Flavored Water