RECIPE: Mint Iced Coffee

Mint iced tea, sure; but mint iced coffee? That was something new for us; but as we searched online, we found a lot of it. We love mint, so we tried it. Cinnamon, hazelnut, vanilla: You now have some competition in the iced coffee cup. One of the recipes we tried, from How Sweet Eats,…
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RECIPE: Star-Shaped Watermelon Caprese Salad
Sponsored by DeLallo. — Watermelon “Caprese” with Balsamic Glaze
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FOOD FUN: Quick Caramel Apples & Pears

Why wait for next fall, when caramel apples are a well-deserved winter comfort food? We love caramel apples, so we didn’t hesitate to adapt this recipe (photo #1) from Produce For Kids, switching the pears for crunchy apples and using warm caramel. There are two ways to enjoy this recipe: our way, with warm, drippy…
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