Woodstock Granola Bars
A beautiful méange of oats, seeds, nuts and dried fruit from Stewart’s Artisan Breads. Photography by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.



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October 2009

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Granola Bars

Page 5n: Whole Foods, Woodstock Cookie Company


You are reading part of a review of 38 different granola bars brands. You can return to the index of granola bar brands, go to Page 1 of the complete article or continue to the next page of reviews.

Granola Bar Reviews


Whole Foods Market Bakery Granola Bar

Bar size varies; no nutrition information. First ingredient: rolled oats. Chewy texture. Not enough dried fruit. Not particularly interesting. No e-commerce.

Woodstock Cookie Company Granola Bars

All bars are approximately 4 ounces; none have any nutrition information. All of these bars resembled soft, somewhat cakelike oatmeal cookies in bar form. First ingredient in all bars: oats. WoodstockCookieCompany.com

  • All Fruit. Dense, chewy, slightly crumbly. Oaty. Rich-tasting (made with butter as well as canola oil) and not too sweet, with a nice level of spice flavor, but not enough dried fruit for me.
  • Maple. Good oat presence. Chewy and rich-tasting, but with an unpleasant taste, probably from the regrettable use of maple flavoring.
  • Original. Rich-tasting, oaty. Not bad, but a little too much spice for me.
  • Peanut Chocolate Chip. Good oat presence. Wonderful peanutty flavor with chocolate chips scattered throughout the bar; not too sweet. I suspect the peanuts might be ground, as there’s no crunch here, but the flavor is so good it doesn’t matter one way or the other. Rich and delicious. Recommended.
  • Triple Chocolate. This bar contains semisweet and white chocolate mini chips, so where’s the “triple” chocolate? The chips are more of an accent, which is OK, but the cinnamon presence is slightly too strong.    
  Woodstock Cookie Company