Blinis are just one kind of pancake. Read about dozens of others in the Pancake & Waffle Glossary. Or, read up on the many kinds of caviar in the Caviar Glossary. Photograph courtesy of Caviar Russe.



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Last Updated September 2022

Glossaries » Directory of Food Glossaries

Our Food Directories Are “Crash Courses” In Tasty Topics


Here’s a food glossary (an alphabetical list of terms—ours have photos) in almost every category. Consider these as “food lover’s guides” for foods you’d like to learn more about.

These quick and easy reference glossaries are more than food dictionaries: Many are packed full of information and historical reference, and are fascinating reading.


*Asterisks indicate our Top 10 most popular glossaries.


Chocolat ModerneWhat’s the difference between a bonbon and a truffle? Look it up in the Chocolate Glossary. Photo above of Chocolat Moderne, a NIBBLE Top Pick Of The Week.

Maple SyrupWhat are the different grades of maple syrup and which should you buy? Check the Maple Syrup Glossary.

Alaea Hawaiian SaltAlaea Hawaiian volcanic salt is one of dozens of exciting artisanal salts that add new dimensions of flavor to food. Discover the others in our Salt Glossary.

Are these penne, rigatoni, rigate, candele or casarecci? Find the difference in our Pasta Glossary, a reader favorite. (Hint: They aren’t penne! Click on the photo for the answer.)
Ikura Sushi
Uncover the mysteries of sushi in our Sushi & Sashimi Glossary, one of our most popular.

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