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Last Updated April 2019


Welcome to the Media Center




THE NIBBLE publishes multiple articles daily, comprising product reviews of food, kitchen appliances and gadgets; recipes; cooking and entertaining tips; and food education.


Our audience is consumer food enthusiasts, with a focus on specialty and gourmet foods and a limited focus on mass-marketed products.


We plan our content around holidays and other timely interests. In 2004, we originated the Daily Food Holiday content concept that has been widely copied.



In the years that we have been publishing THE NIBBLE, we have narrowed our focus and do not cover:

  • Beauty  and fashion
  • “Best Of” lists not created by us
  • CBD products
  • Cooking classes
  • Diets: Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, etc.
  • Energy drinks
  • Fitness, juicing, nutrition
  • Health-store products (as opposed to “better for you” products, which we do consider)
  • Infographics
  • Kids’ products
  • Local events and opportunities, unless we can add something relevant to our national readership
  • Meal delivery services and gift boxes: meals/meal ingredients, snack boxes, etc.
  • Pets
  • Pop culture tie-ins: Academy Awards, Miss America, celebrities, etc.
  • Products we haven’t tried
  • Products not available by mail order or alternatively, not available at at least 50% of supermarkets or liquor stores nationwide
  • Products in these categories: barbecue sauce, bottled dressing, cooking sauces, seasonings
  • Recipes that require ingredients or preparation techniques the average household doesn't have
  • Recipes for anything we’ve already published too much of (guacamole and Margarita recipes, for starters)
  • Recipes that are basic, without a twist (e.g., it may be Grandma’s beloved apple pie, but we already have enough everyday apple pie recipes)
  • Restaurant menu promotions (new menu, fall cocktails, etc.)
  • Sports events, including tailgating
  • Travel, including airline and resort meals
  • Trade news/B2B




  • Do you have a holiday gift list?
    Currently, we feature a gift of the day, starting in November.
  • What is your lead time? It depends on a variety of things. We have a reasonably full editorial calendar, but if something strikes us, we can fit it in earlier rather than later. We rarely need “last minute ideas.”
  • How do you prefer to be contacted?
    We prefer email WITH NO FOLLOW-UPS. Sorry to shout that out...but follow-ups are about 50% of the mail we get, even when we've already responded that we can’t use the item or can’t attend the event=t. We spend hours and hours deleting them. And, the flood of such emails means we often miss the ones we’d like to see.
  • What else can we do if you aren’t reviewing our product?
    If you have scientific content that we can work into an article or tips, e.g. “10 Ways To Sneak More Green Tea Into Your Diet” or “Why Rice Sticks To The Pan And How To Stop It.”
  • Should we contact you before sending samples?
    Feel free to send samples of anything not on the list above. If perishable, the box must be CLEARLY marked so the mail room can act appropriately. If a freezer product, contact us in advance to ensure that we have freezer space (and clearly mark the package).
    Send to Karen Hochman, The Nibble, 15 West 72nd Street, Box 33G, New York, NY 10023. If you need a phone number: 212-595-1800.
  • What are your photography needs?
    We like an uncluttered, vertical (portrait) beauty shot. Uncluttered means no flowers, salt and pepper shakers and other extraneous items in the background. In a 230-pixel width, they get in the way of the viewer.
  • Where do reviews appear?
    They will appear on, and some are featured on the home page of
  • What is your readership?
    During August it is 500,000 to 600,000 a month. During 4th quarter, it can be 1,000,000 a month; and during February (Valentine’s Day) and May (Mother’s Day),  around 750,000 a month.
  • How can our company better interact with you?
    Pay careful attention to the mail you send us. Every outlet is drowning in email they should never have been sent in the first place. Anyone doing outreach needs to use list segmentation instead of blasting the universe. If we are still on lists after repeated requests to remove us, we blacklist the senders.




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