Top Pick Of The Week

Pure Leaf’s Teahouse Collection

For those who love bottled tea, Pure Leaf has introduced three premium flavors Blackberry & Sage, Fuji Apple Ginger and Sicilian Lemon & Honeysuckle. See our review.

Mexican Scrambled Eggs  

Tip Of The Day

Prep Eggs The Night Before

Beat the eggs, cut the veggies, dice the cheese...and all you have to do is combine the ingredients and cook them in the morning. We like the DIY approach. Take a bite.

Mint Julep Recipe  

Today’s Food Holiday

National Mint Julep Day

What’s a julep, and why do Mint Juleps have such appeal? Make one and find out. Here’s the recipe. See all the May food holidays.

Hot Dog Tater Tot Skewers  

Food Fun

Hot Dog & Tater Tot Skewers

Memorial Day Weekend fun for kids and adults alike: Skewers of hot dogs and Tater Tots (we added cherry tomatoes). Check it out.

This Week’s Features

Cultured ButterFeatured Glossary

All About Butter

You might be surprised at all the different types of butte (the photo above is of cultured butter). Check out our Butter Glossary.

  Prepared Mustard & Mustard Seeds

Food History


The History Of Mustard

Where would we be without this beloved condiment? Seeds have been found in Stone Age settlements! Take a look.


Wine & Spirits

Spring Cocktail

What says Spring better than a pink cocktail? This one honors the spring cherry blossoms. Here’s the recipe.

Krups Egg Cooker

Kitchen & Table


Krups Egg Cooker

If you like poached and hard-cooked eggs but don’t like your results from conventional cooking, try this small electric appliance. It works! The scoop.


Food Science


Coffee Tasting Wheel

There’s no better way to get to know coffee than by honing your palate. The Coffee Tasting Wheel is an invaluable aid. The scoop.

  Compound Butter

Cheese & Dairy


Compound Butter

Also known as finishing butter or beurre composé in French, it’s  the French secret to making a quick, flavorful sauce. Take a bite.

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