Bake gingersnaps for National Gingersnap Day, July first. Here’s a gingersnap recipe from pâtissier and chocolatier Michael Recchiuti.






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July 2005
Last Updated July 2021

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Food Holidays: July

Beyond Independence Day Barbecues, There’s A National Food Holiday Every Day!


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When you celebrate Independence Day, be thankful for this great country that welcomes people from every land on earth—who come bringing their culinary heritage. That’s what has made the United States the most exciting place to learn world cuisines. Among all our national food holidays, July celebrates food holidays that are as American as apple pie (except apple pie is a European invention, and it’s Apple Turnover Day that gets celebrated this month). Pick your food holiday and plan a celebration!

National Canned Luncheon Meat Week is the first week of the month.  Hmm—we think we’ll skip that one.  But Sundae Sunday on the third Sunday: count us in!



On National Pecan Pie Day, July 12, you can bake a delicious pecan pie in minutes with Pecan Pie-In-A-Jar from the Great San Saba River Pecan Company (read the review). Photo courtesy Good Eggs.



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National Bagel Day is January 15th. National Bagels & Lox Day is February 9th. National Bagelfest Day is July 26th.

There are no more magnificent cheesecakes than those from Elegant Cheesecakes.  They make you wish that National Cheesecake Day were celebrated more often than every
July 30. Everything you see here is edible (except the plate and forks). The ribbon is white chocolate.



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