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  • For advertising inquiries, contact us at 212.595.1800 or email publisher (at) TheNibble (dot) com. (We’ve written her address this way to avoid spam spiders.)

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We cover more than 70 categories of food, beverage and related items. However, over the years that we have been publishing THE NIBBLE, recognizing that we can’t include everything, we have ceased focusing on the followin:

  • Beauty
  • “Best Of” lists not created by us
  • Cooking classes
  • Delivery services, e.g. prepared meals, meal ingredients, snack boxes, etc.
  • Diets: Atkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, etc.
  • Fashion
  • Fitness and fitness foods (as opposed to “better for you” foods)
  • Infographics
  • Kids products (we do consider family-friendly tips)
  • Local events and opportunities, unless we can add something relevant to our national readership
  • Pop culture: Academy Awards, celebrities, Miss America, etc.
  • Products we haven’t tried
  • Products not available by mail order or alternatively, not available at at least 50% of supermarkets or liquor stores nationwide
  • Products in these categories: bottled dressing, children’s foods, energy drinks, juicing, pets, seasoning and spice blends and mixes
  • Recipes that require ingredients or preparation techniques the average food-oriented household doesn't have
  • Recipes for anything we’ve already published in multiple versions (Margarita recipes, for starters), plus recipes that are basic, without a twist (we have already published similar ones)
  • Restaurant menu promotions (new menu, fall cocktails, etc.)
  • Sports events and related food, including tailgating
  • Travel, including airline and resort meals
  • Trade news/B2B

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