Today, he’ll deliver the news by e-mail. 1910 photo by Louis Hine of a six-year-old newsboy, from the National Archives and Records Administration, Records of the Children’s Bureau.
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Nibble Tip

Keep healthy, tasty specialty foods at the office to snack on when you’re working late. The temptation to order in fat-and sugar-loaded foods can be offset with a little planning. Delicious teas, fine low-sugar or sugar-free spreads and peanut butters, and 35-calorie crispbreads like Wasa kept in the drawer for times like these will tide you over and please the palate of any foodie.

Wasa with jam
Wasa Crispbread with a slice of Swiss
cheese and a dab of sugar-free jam.
Have a slice or two with a cup of fine
tea, and you’re good to go.


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