Pierre Marcolini Jams
Pierre Marcolini’s exquisite confitures have just 10% sugar.

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Product Reviews / Diet Nibbles

Sugar-Free & Lo-Cal Jams & Diet Spreads

There are wonderful sugar-free spreads on the market. Some are sweetened with maltitol, some are sweetened naturally—meaning that only the fruit itself, or fruit juice, provides the sweetness. And some great condiments with very few calories that make most anything you have planned taste even better. Here are some products worthy of your attention; please click here to let us know about your favorites.

Sweet Spreads Savory Spreads


Nibble Tip

Unlike commercial brands, specialty peanut butters are generally sugar-free (the savory flavors, that is—not  the White Chocolate Raspberry). Read about two of our favorite brands, Peanut Better and P.B. Loco, in our regular Jams, Jellies, Fruit & Nut Butters Section.






Photo by Nathalie Dulex.



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