Juniper Green Organic Gin
Juniper Green is sustainably-produced, organic gin. Photography by Claire Freierman.



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ELIZABET TRAVIS is an Editorial Intern.



December 2007

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The Organic Spirits Company

Get The Spirit & Go Organic


CAPSULE REPORT: You buy organic milk, organic apples...why not organic gin, rum, Scotch and vodka? The Organic Spirits Company makes it easy, with well-priced versions that have won awards because they taste so good.

There is always pressure to find a new cocktail or spirit to serve at a party—to introduce your crowd to something new. Why not be the first in your crowd to go green and serve organic spirits. You’ll be spreading good cheer to your family, friends and the environment.

The Organic Spirits Company, based in the U.K., launched in January 2000 with Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin. The gin went on to win the prestigious International Wine and Spirit Challenge in the United Kingdom, named the world’s finest gin the same year it debuted. The following year, the company introduced Utkins UK5 Organic Vodka, and both products won first place in their categories at the International Spirits Challenge. It became apparent that the Organic Spirits Company was not only riding the wave of organics, but knew how to distill top-quality spirits.

When liquor is made through organic means there are no fertilizers or pesticides used on the grains, leaving the plants, soil and water unpolluted. This helps make the alcohol clean, requiring no filtration and giving it a purity that allows its individuality to shine through. The spirit is smooth with very little burn. This makes them excellent to cook with and drink, giving us an equal alternative to the big name brands and a way to introduce organic products that will please everyone.

The Organic Spirits

Organic Vodka
Utkins UK5 Organic Vodka.

Highland Harvest Organic Scotch Whiskey is the world’s first organic Scotch whiskey. Produced from three organic malts and an organic grain that have been blended together in Scotland and matured in oak for four years.

Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin has been praised for its smooth taste and lack of alcohol on the nose. Made from organic juniper berries, it is created in two very small stills with a maximum production of 500 liters per day.

Papagayo Organic Rum and Organic Spiced Rum are made with organic sugar cane from Paraguay. It is single estate rum that is never blended.

Utkins UK5 Organic Vodka is the first organic vodka made from 100% rye; the grain is grown on a German farm that has been organic for more than 30 years. It is the only nonfiltered vodka in the world.

All of the spirits taste like top-shelf brands. Those who expect something less from an organic brand will be pleasantly surprised.

Now, when you party hearty, you can party sustainably, too.



Highland Harvest Organic Scotch Whiskey, Juniper Green Organic London Dry Gin, Papagayo Organic Rum, Papagayo Organic Spiced Rum, Utkins UK5 Organic Vodka

USDA Certified Organic

  • 750 ml Bottle
    Suggested Retail Price

Available at liquor retailers nationwide. 

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The Organic Spirits Company