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Valentine Pup Cups from Miss Lily’s Biscuits: “love at first bite” for any lucky dog. Photos by Melody Lan.




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MELODY LAN is a member of THE NIBBLE editorial staff.


February 2006

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Pet Gourmet

Miss Lily’s Biscuits

Sweet Treats for Our Beloved Companions


If Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, we think our cuddly canines—the masters of unconditional love—deserve special treats, too. While our furry friends can’t have chocolate bonbons, they can enjoy the next best thing: Valentine treats made especially for dogs by Miss Lily’s Biscuits. Miss Lily's treats are so pretty they could be mistaken for sweets from our favorite confection store, but unlike sweets for people, these bites are safe for dogs to indulge in.

Being cupcake fans ourselves, we couldn't wait to have Skye, one of our canine testers, try the Pup Cup. Small in size but large in taste, one Pup Cup dangling in mid-air can make Skye perform all his tricks flawlessly in succession.

Miss Lily’s Biscuits also offers a Valentine Gift Box (image right), with gourmet cookies in the shape of a spotted dog, a pink rose, a dog bone and a pair of hearts. Each biscuit is baked with human-grade ingredients and then glazed with a sweet yogurt coating no dog will be able to resist. For the dog with an extra sweet tooth, the Puppy Love Heart Cookies (photo below), iced in yogurt and laced with heart sprinkles, will be like a bite of heaven. The cookies come in packs of three and should be scrupulously offered—we have been told that some dogs have developed an addiction for these hearts.

gift box
Valentine Gift Box

Although all the dog treats from Miss Lily’s claim to be made with all-natural ingredients, the ingredients list on the back of the boxes do include artificial flavoring and colors. The Pup Cups are made with sugar and palm-kernel oil. But then again, Valentine’s Day is a holiday for all of us, including our dogs, to indulge. Who celebrates with only 100% natural, healthy products? If your desire is to pamper your pup on Valentine’s Day, these charming biscuits are the way to go.

Treats for Dogs

  • Valentine Pup Cups
    Pack of 4

  • Valentine Gift Box

  • Puppy Love Hearts
    Pack of 3

Purchase online at

Shipping and tax additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Puppy Love Hearts
Warning: Puppy Love Hearts have been the
source of addiction for dogs of all breeds.
Pup Cups Box
A pack of 4 Pup Cups.


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