wasabi peanuts
A hottie of a snack, popular at chic watering holes, Wasabi Peanuts are available in regular and with naturally-grown ingredients, shown above.





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trick or treat!

KAREN HOCHMAN discovered Wasabi Peanuts several years ago and is finally getting around to sharing them with the world.



October 2005

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Snacks


Wasabi Peanuts

So Hot, You Can’t Stop


If you like lots of wasabi on your sushi—or if you’ve never had sushi, but like your salsa medium to hot—you’ll love Wasabi Peanuts. Lots of munch and lots of burning lips ready for an ice-cold beer.

We’ve loved Wasabi Peanuts since our first taste a few years ago.  The size of a gumball (pardon the comparison, but it was needed for proportion), Wasabi peanuts deliver a big mouthful of crunch, a taste of rice cracker and peanut, and a rush of wasabi flavor. Just like the stuff at the sushi bar, it goes right up your nose and makes you want to go, ”Whew!”—in a positive way, of course.

For those who prefer natural products, there’s a natural version.  And in a moment of culinary brilliance, someone mixed sweet honey-roasted peanuts in with the hot wasabi peanuts to create Yin & Yang Peanuts—our new favorite mix, a perfect blend of hot and sweet.

Wasabi Peanuts make a great cocktail snack; and you won’t eat too many because you can’t. Give it as a gift for your favorite sushi lover (or sushi chef), along with a jar of Real Wasabi, and you’ll be thanked many times over.



Peanuts Covered in Wasabi-Flavored
Rice Cracker Powder


  • Wasabi Peanuts
    15 oz. Tin
    $12.00 + $4.25 Shipping
  • Wasabi Peanuts
    Three 8 oz. Tins
    $20.00 + $4.50 Shipping
  • Wasabi Peanuts
    22 lb. Bulk Bag
    $88.00 - Shipping Included
  • All Natural Wasabi Peanuts
    Three 8 oz. Tins
    $20.00 + $4.50 Shipping
  • Yin & Yang Peanuts
    Three 10-Ounce Tins
    $21.00 + $4.75 Shipping

Purchase online at ThePeanutShop.com.

Applicable taxes additional. Prices and flavor availability are subject to change.


wasabi peanuts

Don’t let the tranquility fool you: these pastel green babies pack
a punch. Honey roasted peanuts in the Yin & Yang mix, below, mellow things out a bit.
Yin and Yang peanuts


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