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January 2009

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Diet Cocktail Recipes

Low-Carb Cocktails Made With FUZE Slenderize

Page 1: Berry Good Cranberry Raspberry


Trying to lose weight for the new year? Alcohol has high amounts of calories and carbohydrates. But instead of cutting out cocktails full force, consider switching to better-for-you mixers. FUZE is one of our favorite diet beverages (read the review). Here, we present six cocktail recipes for use with FUZE Slenderize, which you can read more about below. This is Page 1 of a six-page article. Click on the black links below to view the other recipes.

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Berry Good Cranberry Raspberry

Ingredients Per Cocktail

  • 1 ounce Cointreau or triple sec*
  • Champagne
  • FUZE Slenderize Cranberry Raspberry
  • Fresh or dried cranberries for garnish


  1. Make sure everything is chilled before you begin.
  2. Pour the Cointreau and desired amount of FUZE into a Champagne flute and stir well.
  3. Top off with desired amount of Champagne.
  4. Garnish with cranberries.

*For dieters, halve the amount of alcoholic ingredients.

Cranberry Rasberry FUZE Slenderize
Cranberry Raspberry FUZE.


About FUZE Slenderize

FUZE Slenderize has no sugar added and has just 10 to 20 calories per bottle, as well as containing chromium, a trace mineral that boosts energy; vitamin C, an antioxidant “essential for vision, growth and healthy skin”; Super Citrimax™, an herbal extract naturally derived from the garcinia cambogia fruit of India, whose non-FDA-approved claims include appetite suppressant and reduction of the conversion of carbs into fat; and L-carnitine, an amino acid that boosts energy through more efficient utilization of oxygen.


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