We like these spicy cookies with a glass of milk..but some people enjoy them with a frosty beer.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE. In the course of writing this review, she had to “test” another dozen SparX...and they were even better than they were at the last tasting.



October 2005

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SparX Spicy Cookies

Put Some SparX in Your Life


CAPSULE REPORT: We couldn’t stop eating these spicy cookies. What a great idea! They’re bite-size and wonderful with milk or ice cream.

Those who love a wee bit of heat with their sweet need look no farther than SparX Spicy Cookies. When we first discovered this line of spicy bite-size cookies (1-1/2" diameter), we couldn’t pull ourselves away. If you’re one part cookie-holic and one part hot and spicy fan, these cookies are for you.

The inspiration for SparX came when company owner Richard Saslaw—who’s been baking since the age of 11—was watching the Food Network and heard chef Bobby Flay refer to the “raisiny flavor of ancho chiles.” SparX went off in his mind, and he raced out to buy anchos. The next thing, he was rolling dough and baking ancho oatmeal raisin cookies.

Are we happy he was listening to that show! We admit total addiction to this line of spicy spectaculars. When we first came across it, at an industry show, we could not tear ourselves away from his booth, gleefully consuming handfuls of each flavor while waiting for Mr. Saslaw to ask us to “please leave some for the other visitors.”  Fortunately, there were mountains of cookies, and we nibbled away like a mouse that had won the lottery.

cookies and beerLike other foods with a touch of chile, the spice creeps in after the first few bites: you’re enjoying the oatmeal raisin, the peanut butter, the chocolate chip, and then “wow!” It’s more of a tingle, a buzz, than a hot salsa 911. You don’t really need a glass  of anything to cool you down, although cookies and milk...or lager...or chocolate bock...or a tawny or ruby Port would be just fine.

Spicy Cookie Flavors

The recipes are so well developed that the quality of the base cookie shines through—a darn good cookie in of itself, and without the chiles they’d be better than most we taste in the name of “gourmet cookies.” There are five fabulous flavors, and trust us:  you must order all five, even if you have never ordered a (fill in the flavor) cookie in your life.

  • Chipotle Chocolate Chip Cookies. Smoky sweetness chipotle melds with excellent semisweet chocolate chips. Those looking for the next new thing in a chocolate chip cookie may well find it here.
  • Ancho Oatmeal Raisin Cookies. Not exactly your mother’s oatmeal raisin—unless you grew up south of the border.  What a great idea: plump and chewy, we never want an oatmeal cookie without ancho again.
  • Cayenne Toffee Pecan Cookies. Almond toffee, pecans, and brown sugar and a dash of cayenne equals fabulous. One of the most popular, for good reason.
  • Chipotle Double Fudge Cookies. Dark chocolate studded with chips. Somewhere in heaven, generations of Aztecs are kicking themselves that they never got to add sugar to their cacao and chiles mixture. If only we could send them some of these.
  • Jalapeño Peanut Butter Cookies. Peanut butter has always worked well with both savory and sweet ingredients (just check the menu at the nearest Thai restaurant) and these cookies are the perfect medium to show off its versatility. Sweet and salty peanut butter and spicy jalapeños come together in a crisp and tasty cookie.

Even though simply eating these cookies right out of the bag is addictive, they are versatile amigos. We crumbled the Jalapeño Peanut Butter cookies into the crust of a peanut butter cheesecake (this works with any flavor).  We crumbled Cayenne Toffee Pecan cookies and sprinkled over ice cream (see photo below)—any flavor will do. Create a parfait with vanilla yogurt, Chipotle Double Fudge and slivered almonds or make mini ice cream sandwiches with any spicy flavor and vanilla or chocolate ice cream. No matter how the “cookie crumbles,” these are some seriously special treats treats that will delight family, guests, and all spice lovers in your life.


Cayenne Toffee Pecan, Ancho Oatmeal Raisin, Chipotle Chocolate Chip, Chipotle Double Fudge, Jalapeno Peanut Butter

Certified Kosher (Dairy) by Tablet-K

  • 4-Ounce Bag
    $3.50 Suggested Retail Price

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sparx cookies with ice cream