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A sumptuous roast duck dinner can now be served at home whenever you like—with Splash! Reduction Sauce and Maple Leaf Farms Cooked Duck. Photo by Costin Tuta | IST.




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August 2008

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Club Sauce’s Pomegranate-Based Reduction Sauces Make A Splash!

Page 2: Types Of Reduction Sauce


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Splash! Reduction Sauce Flavors

The pomegranate reduction sauces in the Splash! line are finished sauces that can be splashed on just about any food where a rich sweet/tart fruit flavor is desired. The sauces are cooked to a syrupy consistency that can accent a variety of dishes—thinned with stock for a meat sauce, added to a vinaigrette or used right from the bottle to top a cheesecake. One bottle does a lot, and goes a long way.

The line gives kitchen artists a new set of “paints” that marry fruit and alcohol, in the flavors of Black Currant Cabernet, Blueberry Merlot, Mission Fig Port, Pomegranate Port, Shiro Plum Saké and Tart Cherry Syrah. The wines provide vital complexity to the sauces (while all of the flavors have an alcohol base, there is no remaining alcohol after the cooking process).

Splash! Black Currant Cabernet Reduction Sauce

Sharp, sweet black currants and the hearty Cabernet Sauvignon create a classic sauce. You can add some currants into the sauce for even more interest.

Splash! Blueberry Merlot Reduction Sauce

Sweet blueberries and fruity Merlot make this one of the sweeter sauces. Add dried blueberries for an extra touch.

Splash! Mission Fig Port Reduction Sauce

Fig lovers will enjoy this with duck, pork, lamb and beef. Add a few fresh or dried figs to the dish.

Splash! Pomegranate Port Reduction Sauce

This pomegranate/port reduction offers more sweet fruitiness than the mission fig/port version.

Pomegranate Reduction Sauce
The artistic labels portend the “kitchen art” to come. All bottle photography by Claire Freierman.
Shiro Plum Reduction Sauce
Add a Japanese spin to dinner.

Splash! Shiro Plum Saké Reduction Sauce

This Japanese spin works nicely with chicken, tofu and seafood. Read more about saké.

Splash! Tart Cherry Syrah Reduction Sauce

This classic combination blends the flavors of ripe, tart cherries, and spicy Syrah wine.


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