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Treat your cuisine to a trip around the world with Victoria Gourmet's sea salts. Photo by Ulrik De Wachter.




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CAITLIN BARRETT is a member of THE NIBBLE editorial staff, and she’ll take it as a compliment if you call her “salty.”



September 2005

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Victoria Gourmet

Culinary Salts Of The World Collection

As almost everyone knows by now, sea salt is something special. If you haven’t yet experimented with these precious oceanic jewels on soft-cooked eggs, a slice of tomato, watermelon, or a slab of hot, melting foie gras, you aren’t fully unleashing the flavors of your foods. Sea salts add unique flavor and character to any dish. They come in as many colors and varieties as there are seas, oceans and salt lakes. Newcomers might find themselves feeling a little intimidated.

One place to put your toe in the water is the sampler of four very different sea salts in Sea SaltsVictoria Taylor’s Culinary Salts of the World Collection, a concept that won first place as Outstanding food Gift at the 2003 NASFT Summer Fancy Food Show. The complex flavor of each salt in the collection bears little resemblance to the iodized salt in your salt shaker. In fact, before seasoning foods or cooking with these salts we recommended trying each one individually by placing a few grains on your tongue and letting them dissolve. You will start to appreciate the distinct character and subtler nuances of each flavor.

  • Angelesy is a light, flaky and crisp salt from from the clean ocean waters off the coast of Wales. It is a versatile seasoning, perfectly finishing off sauteed fish and roasted potatoes.
  • The Celtic salt from Brittany, on the coast of France, is slightly stronger. Its assertive character makes it the preferred choice of professional chefs all over the world. It works best with heartier flavors like grilled meats and mushrooms.
  • The pink crystals of the Jurassic salt look and taste lovely on slices of simply dressed cold tofu and any foods you enjoy salting before eating.
  • The Trapani Sea Salt, harvested from the northwest coast of Sicily using centuries-old methods, stands out when sprinkled over steamed asparagus with a balsamic reduction.

Of course, these are just a few examples of how each salt can be used, and pointers come with the gift set.

Sea salts have a much more interesting mouthfeel than traditional iodized salt or even kosher salt. Their organic shapes ensure that each bite will unlock something slightly different than the bite before it. A little sea salt goes a long way, and in order to preserve the texture and taste of each salt, we suggest using these salts to finish dishes. Stick to your iodized salt for baking and salting the cooking water.

The Culinary Salts of the World Collection comes with a beautiful handcrafted wooden salt serving tray so you and your guests can try the different flavors of salt at the table.


Culinary Salts of the World

  • Gift Set
    4 jars of salt and handcrafted
    wooden salt tray
  • Individual jars
    5.5 to 10.8 ounces depending on the salt variety

Purchase online at

Or call 1.800.403.8981

Also available at fine retailers and specialty food stores.

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