Nutty Korn
Nutty Korn: an easy trick to creating an addicting sweet—and salty—treat.


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MELODY LAN never enjoyed candy corn until she ate them with salty peanuts.



October 2006
Updated October 2009

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The Peanut Roaster’s Nutty Korn

A Simple & Sublime Sweet-And-Salty Snack


EDITOR’S NOTE: This product is no longer made, but you can make your own easily by mixing candy corn with salted peanuts.


CAPSULE REPORT: Nutty Korn is a mix of Brach’s candy corn and salted Virginia peanuts. Riding the wave of the sweet and salty snack trend, Nutty Korn is a perfect Halloween treat. But it's so good, thankfully it’s available year-round.

Nutty Korn combines two popular ingredients—Brach’s delicious candy corn and salted Virginia peanuts—to make a can’t-resist-another-handful snack. Candy corn has been around since the 1880s, and having tasted this great combination, we’re wondering why it’s taken so long to pair them with peanuts. It’s a marriage made in heaven: the salty peanuts and the sweet candy corn are not only a harmonious blend of salt and sugar, but a contrast of crunchy and chewy textures.

While Nutty Korn is perfect to fill the candy dish with at Halloween or through the Thanksgiving harvest, or as a Trick-or-Treat gift for someone special, it’s available all year long.

The mix comes in a 9-ounce container or a 12-ounce can. The container is good for gift-giving, the can a more economical solution for home-snacking and filling the candy dish. Warning: don’t buy just one. You’ll also be amazed at the “magical” disappearing act it performs when set out for company.

And if you run out, you can always do the obvious: buy candy corn and salted peanuts, and mix your own.

Nutty Korn

  • 9-Ounce Container
  • 12-Ounce Can

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Nutty Korn
Say “Trick or Treat” any time of the
year with Nutty Korn.


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