True North Nut Snacks
Delicious, nutritious and fun: True North nut snacks. Photography by Saidi Granados.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.



August 2008

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True North Nut Snacks

All Natural, Healthy Nut Snacks

Page 1: Overview & Nut Clusters


CAPSULE REPORT: One of the fun finds of the season, the only problem with the True North line of nut snacks is that we can’t stop eating them. Our excuse is that each serving has 5g of protein. The nut clusters and nut crunches are terrific tossed into salads as well. The products are all natural, certified kosher, vegan and GMO free. Most are gluten free and wheat free as well.


Frito-Lay must be commended for its True North line of nut snacks. The mass-marketing giant has produced a line of crispy, crunchy snacks that taste like fine specialty food products. And, they’re all natural: no preservatives, no artificial flavors, no added colors, no trans fats. Each contains 5g of protein per serving. More good news: Most varieties are gluten free, wheat free; all are vegan and kosher. Now the bad news: They’re positively addictive, and portion control is a serious problem. We want to eat the entire bag. What do you mean,“Servings Per Container About 6?”

While many people know the term “true north” as magnetic north, the direction of the North Ppole as found on a compass, the term has been adapted by business to refer to an all-consuming passion. The folks at Frito-Lay evidently found their true north in creating these nut snacks—and we’re glad they did.

True North nut snacks take slow-roasted, heart-healthy nuts and toasted sesame seed blends (some blends also have dried fruit pieces), sweeten them with organic evaporated cane juice and rice malt, and toss in a bit of sea salt for balance. The products fall into four groups: Nut Clusters, Nut Crisps, Nut Crunches and Whole Nuts.

True North Nut Clusters

These sophisticated nuggets are nothing short of delightful. The freshly-roasted nuts in bite-size clusters are easy to pop into your mouth; the nuttiness and slight sweetness are an instant “yum.” THE NIBBLE staff devoured them all in what seemed like minutes. All flavors hit the spot:

  • Roasted Peanut
  • Toasted Almond
  • Pecan-Almond-Peanut

If you like nut brittle, or enjoy a peanut (or other nutty) candy bar, these are the adult snacker’s version. But they also go very well with after-dinner coffee, as a topping for ice cream and a garnish with other desserts like pudding. Toss a few like sweet croutons onto fruit salads, oatmeal and yogurt.

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