An easy way to eat your fruits and veggies on the go: soup that you drink from the bottle. Above, Rich Vegetable Gazpacho. Photography by Daniela Cuevas | THE NIBBLE.



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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.


January 2009

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Cool Soup

On-The-Go Healthy Eating With “Soup In A Bottle”

CAPSULE REPORT: A new alternative for healthy eating on-the-go, Cool Soup makes soup “drinkable” from a bottle at room temperature or chilled. It’s a new way to eat fruit and vegetables without having to chop and cook. The portable plastic bottle has a nine-month shelf life. As a snack or meal replacement, it’s high in vitamins and antioxidants, low in calories and 100% natural.


Go Appetít is “taking soup to new places” with Cool Soup, a new category in specialty convenience foods, Drinkable Soup. The company calls its products “souperfood.” Now, when you need something nutritious on the go, and want more than a piece of fruit, yogurt or an energy bar, you can have some yummy comfort food—soup! No spoon needed, just twist the cap and drink from the 8-ounce, single serve bottle. If you want a soup and sandwich or soup and salad combo, it couldn’t be easier.

Cool Soup is low in calories and 100% natural with no preservatives, artificial colors or artificial flavors. While it is ideal to consume the soup chilled for enhanced flavor, no refrigeration is required, and they taste just fine at room temperature. We toted them in our purse and backpack, the latter with an ice pack, the former without, and didn’t feel any loss of quality drinking them unchilled.

The containers are not microwavable, but if you want hot soup, you can pour the contents into a mug and heat them.

Varieties Of Cool Soup

Two first two flavors off the chopping block are Creamy Mango Spice and Rich Vegetable Gazpacho, both crafted from puréed premium fruits and vegetables blended with fine herbs and spices.

  • Creamy Mango Spice is a refreshing fruit soup, a velvety blend of mangos, peaches, coconut milk and lowfat yogurt, seasoned with mint and a pinch of chili pepper. It provides 80% of an adult’s daily vitamin A requirement, 50% of vitamin C and three grams of protein. (150 calories)
  • Rich Vegetable Gazpacho is a vegan, cholesterol-free, low-carb blend of tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, sea salt, spices and olive oil. If you have time for more elegant dining, pour it in a bowl and add some croutons. (100 calories)
Mango Soup
Sweet fruit soup with a kick: Creamy Mango Spice.
  • Luscious Carrot Bisque will be forthcoming soon, a savory, silky blend of carrots, sautéed onions, organic chicken stock and olive oil.

The next time you’re looking in your desk drawer, locker or gym bag for something filling and tasty...hopefully you’ll find a bottle of Cool Soup.

Go AppetÍt Cool Soup

Creamy Mango Spice and Rich Vegetable Gazpacho

  • 8-Ounce Bottle
    Suggested Retail Price
  • 12-Bottle Case
    At GoAppetitStore.com

By phone 1.713.838.7940 (weekdays between 9 am and 5 pm CST)


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Cool Soup

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