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April 5, 2005

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Eleni's Cookies
Are these gourmet sugar cookies too pretty to eat?  They’re too good not to eat! While they’re perfect gourmet cookie gifts and party favors, they’re impressive desserts for at-home entertaining (which means, you get to eat them, too).

Eleni’s Cookies:
Gourmet Cookies Are Baked Art

Looking at the large and stunning array of gourmet cookies at Eleni’s New York City shop begs the question: What if the great masters had turned out pans of cookies to support their painting, instead of starving in their garrets?

As almost all of them were men with no domestic skills—and any woman among them was “one of the guys”—it wasn’t a possibility. But the idea of Van Gogh sunflower cookies, some Cezanne  fruits, and a few Renoir portraits painted on hard white icing, is enticing. Eleni retains a corps of food artists to paint her cookies: who knows what they may do on canvas when they’re not working on cookies.

As you can surmise, Eleni’s is part bakery, part metaphorical art gallery. It’s a happy art gallery: every design theme is ebullient, bursting with energy and color. Whether it’s designer handbags and stilettos or tennis balls and racquets,  a bridal party or a beach scene, Eleni’s is an almost overwhelming temptation: you want it all.  Fortunately, although even edible art is pricey, you can afford to take a reasonable amount of these gourmet sugar cookies home. And if you’re looking to send cookie gift baskets,

In addition to an everyday treat for the self-indulgent gourmet, Eleni’s cookies make an impressive appearance at a party or special occasion dinner.

Oscar Cookies Poker Cookies Dog Cookies

Oscar Party, Poker Party, Bark Mitzvah...Eleni bakes party fare for every conceivable theme. They make it easy to entertain impressively—or to give an impressive gourmet cookie gift, no matter what the theme or occasion. And, it’s simple to order the cookies online.

As you can see, you can create quite a centerpiece from Eleni's Cookies—prop them up in a glass bowl, or around the side and top of a cake. And and unlike flowers and candles, you can eat them with your coffee afterward.

These gourmet sugar cookies make unforgettable gifts, individually or as party favors.  Since it’s all handwork, any concept, color and design, no matter how elaborate, can be created in flour, butter and sugar.

—Karen Hochman
Revised July 2007

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Fruit Cookies
You can’t count this in your quotient of fruit, but you can
count it as fun—and delicious.


Hand-Decorated Sugar Cookie Gift
Baskets (Assortments)

Certified Kosher (Dairy) by Orthodox Union

  • Many designs available, including custom
    photos and corporate logos
  • $58.50 per assortment (number of cookies
    varies, depending on size)

Purchase online at

  • Some items are available in gourmet catalogs like Dean & Deluca, Mackenzie Ltd., and Williams-Sonoma.
  • When in New York City, visit Eleni’s at Chelsea Market, Ninth Avenue and 15th Street.
  • Prices and style availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.



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