Cherry Cheesecake These delicious cherry products double as dessert toppings or preserves. Here, we used them to top individual cheesecakes. All photos by Melody Lan.




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KAREN HOCHMAN is Editorial Director of THE NIBBLE.

February 2007

Product Reviews / Main Nibbles / Dessert Sauces &Toppings

Chukar Cherries Cherry Preserves & Dessert Toppings

Multipurpose Spreads: Regular & No Sugar Added


CAPSULE REPORT: Chukar Cherries is located in Prosser, Washington, the heart of America’s cherry-growing region. The company specializes in all types of cherry products—from different varieties of premium dried cherries, which we reviewed previously, to chocolate-covered cherries, condiments and pie fillings. Making dessert toppings/preserves from fresh fruit at the height of the growing season means naturally sweet fruit that requires much less sugar and lets the natural fruit flavors shine through. The line is certified kosher.

George Washington did not chop down a cherry tree. However, cherries have been associated with our first president for hundreds of years, and February, Washington’s birth month, is National Cherry Month. (Read our article about George Washington that includes a Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe using Chukar Cherry’s delicious dried cherries.)

The products are very high quality. The company uses premium ingredients: Everything is 100% natural, no trans-fats, no preservatives. If you like cherry preserves, you’ll want to try these.

What is called preserves multitasks as dessert topping: Dribble it on toast or muffins, ice cream or pound cake. You can fill tart shells with the preserves/toppings, or add some balsamic vinegar to make a fruit sauce for poultry or pork. To those who might look askance at the idea of the Dark Chocolate Cherry Dessert Sauce on bread: Think of a cherry-accented pain au chocolat and enjoy it with a croissant.


Except for the Dark Chocolate Cherry Dessert Sauce, all of the products are made with large whole cherries, and the jars are packed full: many cherries, little sauce filler. They have much less sugar than a typical preserve or dessert topping, because the cherries are so top quality that the flavor of the fruit speaks for itself. The preserves/toppings are made at the height of the season, when the fruit is fresh-picked from the trees.

  • Cherry Jubilee is a Bing cherry preserve. Bings have a sweet, vibrant flavor.
  • Cherry Amaretto takes the Cherry Jubilee and perks it up with a deft touch of Amaretto.
  • Dark Chocolate Cherry is a rich and satisfying dark chocolate sauce with tangy morsels of Montmorency cherries.
  • Raspberry Cherry is sweet, but with very complex flavors: the ripe red raspberries bring out a lovely darkness from the Bings that is a counterpoint to the sweetness. This is one of the company’s best-sellers.
  • Red Sour Cherry, made from Montmorency cherries, has a slightly tart profile accented with lemon juice and some lime oil. The citrus notes give dimension to the already-delicious sour cherries.
Cherry Amaretto Dessert Topping
Cherry Amaretto Preserve and Topping. At rear, Vanilla Peach.
  • Vanilla Peach is largely peach slices, but has a few red sour cherries to tie in with the line. It’s not as sophisticated as the other flavors, but will appeal to those who like a cooked peach topping.

Cherry Amaretto, Raspberry Cherry, Red Sour Cherry and Vanilla Peach are available in a No Sugar Added version, made with maltitol.

There’s a financial incentive to order three jars. We’d suggest Red Sour Cherry, Dark Chocolate Cherry, and depending on your preference, Raspberry Cherry or Cherry Amaretto. If you use them as a dessert sauce, they’ll go fast. As a preserve, they’ll last a bit longer. And, if eaten out of the jar with a spoon...they might not last the day.



Cherry Amaretto, Cherry Jubilee,
Dark Chocolate Cherry,
Raspberry Cherry, Red Sour
Cherry, Vanilla Peach
Amaretto, Raspberry Cherry, Red
Sour Cherry and Vanilla Peach

Certified kosher by KOF-K

  • 13-Ounce Jar
  • 4 Jars
    $32.80 ($3 Savings)

Purchase online at

Cherry Preserves

Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change. Shipping is additional.