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Magic Hat
When you need to pull a rabbit out of the hat and serve something exciting at a moment's notice, don't grab the hat and wand—open your magic cabinet. Photo courtesy of Jeff Quinn, Corporate Magician.
magic cabinet MENU



Here’s What’s In Our Magic Cabinet


1. Breakfast

Bilinski Sausage

2, 3, 5, 6

Fat Cat Scones
2, 3, 4, 7

Moosewood Hollow Lavender Maple Syrup

2, 3, 4, 6, 7

Palette Purple Basil Jelly
4, 5, 7

Palette Star Anise Honey
2, 3, 4, 5, 7

Schokinag Dulce de Leche
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Stonewall Kitchen Pumpkin Waffle Mix

4, 5, 7



2. Lunch

John Wm Macy CheeseSticks
3, 5, 6



3. Dinner

David Burke Gourmet Pops



4. Desserts

David Burke Cheesecake Pops

San Saba Pecan Pie In A Jar



5. Snacks

Wasabi Peanuts


William Poll Potato Crisps




6. Cocktails

Good Wives Hors D’Oeuvres


Nantucket Nectars

Lemon Drop (kids like it too)



7. Coffee/Tea









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Your Cabinet of Magic Tricks

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Lunch & Dinner


Turn A Few Pieces of Cheese Into A Great Cheese Experience

Palette Cheese Condiment

Spiced Quince Preserve from
Palette Fine Foods proves that
a great condiment does for a
piece of cheese what a great
mustard does for a sandwich.

Palette Foods: Condiments For Cheese

Cheese Plate:
This quintet of condiments makes everyday cheese look great and makes great cheese even more exciting. To spruce up everyday cheddar, swiss, and blue, keep jars of Spiced Quince Preserve, Purple Basil Jelly, and Peppered Black Mission Fig Preserve, respectively.
Breakfast: Purple Basil and Golden Raspberry are also designed to go with toast and scones; and the others work well as bread spreads too.
Dinner: Golden Raspberry is a good puree for foie gras, duck, or to decorate a plate with a dab of color.  Purple basil jelly does mint jelly one better: offer a dab with lamb or pork chops or loin.
Dessert: Condiments For Cheese also work as condiments for pound cake, or as a top garnish for sorbets and ice creams. A dab of purple basil, fig or sour cherry on top transforms a scoop of chocolate; quince and coffee are an exotic pairing; everything works with vanilla (and if you use a ¼ teaspoon measure, you can put 4 different flavors at the 4 compass points of a scoop.



Housewives Hors D'oeuvre


Snack Foods

John Wm. Macy: CheeseSticks

Breakfast: Add to bread basket, garnish a plate of eggs
Appetizers & Snacks: With beer and robust red wines, with snack cheeses, for general munching
Lunch & Dinner
: Accent to soups and salads (decorative as sticks or broken into croutons)

Not just for munching,
CheeseSticks are
snappy garnishes



Honeys & Syrups

Palette Foods: Lavender Honey
We also adore the Anise and Chili honeys—get all 3 for maximum star value.

Breakfast: On toast, muffins, scones; with fruit and yogurt, on cereal; with pancakes and waffles; in tea
Appetizers & Snacks: With beer and robust red wines, with snack cheeses,
Lunch & Dinner
: Accent to soups and salads (decorative as sticks or broken into croutons)
honey is honey that has either fruit, coloring or flavoring added.

honey is honey that has either fruit, coloring or flavoring added.


Keep an “Instant Italian Feast” Tucked Away

Tuck away a bag or two of gourmet pasta in beautiful shapes and colors, along with some jars of roasted peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, and some nice breadsticks. Keep a container of excellent grated Parmigiano Reggiano or Pecorino Romano cheese in the freezer, along with some sliced gourmet sausages. When you need an impressive impromptu dinner in 15 minutes, just cook the pasta and heat the sausage in the microwave for a minute—the grated cheese “defrosts” instantly. You don’t need a formal sauce—just toss the pasta with butter or fine olive oil and offer guests a grind of fresh pepper. With breadsticks and a roasted pepper and artichoke “antipasto”  with balsamic vinegar, you don’t have to worry about a fresh loaf of Italian bread or fresh salad greens (but if you have then on hand, by all means, serve them). 

Mangia pasta: Bow Ties and Mother-In-
Law’s Tongues. Photo by Gina Erdmann.

Products We Like:

Pasta: Castellano, Mangia,Tradizione di Puglia

Sausage: Bilinski (click here for our review)

Antipasto: Roasted peppers, artichokes, et al from Divina

Honey Products


Photo Credit here

Flavored/fruited honey is honey that has either fruit, coloring or flavoring added.

Infused honey is honey that has had flavors of herbs, spices, peels, etc. added to it by steeping.

Dried honey is honey that has been dehydrated and mixed with other ingredients to keep it free-flowing.

Honey stix consist of liquid honey in a straw. Sometimes flavors are added.


Photo Credit here

Specially Certified Honey

Kosher honey is honey that is produced, processed and packaged in accordance with Jewish dietary regulations and certified by a Kosher organization.




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