Martine's Chocolates
Martine’s festive shapes and fresh whipped cream, ganache and praline fillings are a must-try for the chocolate lover. Photo copyright Chris Lee for Martine's Chocolates.






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PETER ROT was first schooled in chocolate by his German mother. After an epiphanic taste of Valrhona Le Noir Amer 71%, his passion for chocolate became a full-fledged scholarly pursuit. Peter is a moderator of a discussion forum of international chocolate connoisseurs and a reviewer for the international chocolate community. He is pursuing a graduate degree in the cultural significance of food.



August 2005

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Martine’s Chocolates

Whipped Cream-Filled Chocolates Charm With Freshness & Simplicity


Alas, this chocolatier was forced to close in 2014, a victim of sky-high rents.
We will miss her!



CAPSULE REPORT: Love chocolate? Love whipped cream? What could be happier than to find both, of excellent quality, combined in one bonbon? At Martine’s, there’s a treasure trove, in charming classic Belgian shapes. This is Page 1 of a two-page article. Click on the black links below to visit Page 2.


In today’s creatively explosive chocolate world, chocolatiers are finding new flavor combinations to excite their customers, such as Christopher Norman’s bonbons of espresso and cardamom or Pierre Marcolini’s sesame seeds, anise, and caramel. At the same time, however, others are perfecting the classics, such as Robert Linxe’s mastery of pure ganache or Martine Leventer’s reinvention of timeless classics. As some raise the bar by venturing into new territory, others remain true to a more traditional art, where the freshness of the ingredients speaks most deliciously in a simpler form.

Such is the case for Martine Leventer of Martine’s Chocolates. Instead of attempting to awe the taste buds through complexity and exoticism, Martine believes that freshness speaks for itself, and that high quality ingredients should not hide beneath a whirlwind of flavor complexity. Using French butter and Callebaut chocolate, she delivers the purest flavors possible. Martine’s chocolates come in a variety of fanciful shapes and delicious flavors that reflect her charming personality. The Heart, for example contains a layer of cappuccino flavored ganache nestled under a feathery layer of freshly whipped cream. The Shell possesses a simple, yet extraordinary, chocolate mousse.


Artist's Palette Chocolates Heart Chocolates
Artists’ Palettes are filled with
chocolate truffle and whipped cream.
Show your love with Hearts filled with
cappuccino ganache and whipped cream.


Upon setting foot in the door of one of Martine’s shops, the heavenly aroma alone is enough to make one demand permanent residency. Within plain view is a small-scale kitchen inhabited by chocolatiers working swiftly and seemingly effortlessly to execute their craft. Tempering machines churn, swirling chocolate in a glistening stream as they emit aromas of sheer bliss. Chocolate-lined molds are piped with fillings, then sealed with a thin layer of chocolate and stored in a cooler to harden. Previously formed chocolates are gently tapped and released from their molded confines to land softly on the counter, where they sparkle with the radiance that only freshly-made chocolate possesses. Witnessing the chocolates being made, seeing the ingredients being transformed into ganaches, creams, and pralines makes a visit to a Martine’s boutique not only a gastronomic delight, but a visual treat that creates a personal attachment to the chocolate.

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