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Aloha From Oregon pepper jellies even have a “Christmas Jelly” in green and red (bottom row, right).




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These selections were chosen by CAITLIN BARRETT , who is on the editorial staff of THE NIBBLE™.


November 2005

Marketplace / Gift-Finder


Best Stocking Stuffers

Great Little Gifts


We have the most fun shopping for stocking stuffers. We can finally buy people all the little things that on their own wouldn’t amount to much of a gift, but when they are put together in a big felt sock with a bunch of other little trinkets, they become exciting and fun.

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  • In most cases, shipping and taxes are additional.
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Categories include:

  • Treats
  • No-Cal and Low-Cal Foods
  • Home Products



The Chocolate Traveler

The Chocolate Traveler chocolates bring from chocolate from the world’s regions—West Africa, South America, and Indonesia—into convenient travel tins. Even more important than traveling with it, the wedge shapes  are great portion control. There are Traditional, Classic Dark, International, Seasonal and Sugar-Free collections, each of which offer three to ten flavor varieties. Crème Brulée, a white chocolate, is the most popular flavor.

  • Available at Trader Joe’s, CostPlus World
    Market and other retailers nationwide


Aloha From Oregon Pepper Jellies

Give the gift of sweet and spicy. Aloha From Oregon Pepper Jellies are one of our favorite products. The special “Christmas Jelly” is half red (raspberry), half green (jalapeño). It’s a tasty treat to slip into Christmas stockings, and can even be spread on toast Christmas morning.

  • 10-Ounce Jar
    $6.50/Jar, 3-Jar Minimum
    $5 Shipping
  • 6 to 11 Jars
    10% Discount
  • 12 or More Jars
    20% Discount


PB Loco Peanut Butters

We can’t stop writing about these flavored peanut butters. Fortunately, they are just slim enough to slide down the average Christmas stocking, so we can give them to our family members who haven’t been introduced to them yet. They are great stocking stuffers for kids and adults and come in fun yet sophisticated flavors like White Chocolate Raspberry, Sun-Dried Tomato, and Sumatra Cinnamon and Raisin.

  • 16 Ounce Jar of Flavored Peanut Butter

peanut butters

Sweetriot Chocolate-Covered Cacao Nibs

Got antioxidants? You will when you carry these little treats. Sweetriot’s chocolate-covered cacao nibs come in three varieties: Flavor 50 (covered in 50% cacao chocolate), Flavor 65 (65% cacao) and Flavor 70 (70% cacao with a hint of espresso.) The crunchiness of these little morsels is similar to the crunch of chocolate-covered espresso beans, but the flavor is far more interesting. The slender tins are adorned with art by up-and-coming artists. The first series of tins features artist Mike Hammer, and they’re useful for storing all sorts of things after the nibs have been gobbled up.

  • Case of 12 Tins

3 tins
Low Cal & No Cal  

Oral Fixation Mints

These clever, flat cases of mints are a fun stocking stuffer for any age group. The Oral Fixation website allows you to customize a box of 12 tins, if you want to make it more than a stocking stuffer. Mojito Mint is the number one flavor, but our own numero uno is Night Light, which is chai-flavored.

  • Box of 12 tins


Real Wasabi

These palm-sized canisters of authentic powdered wasabi root make a delightful stocking stuffer for sushi lovers. Many may not even know that the wasabi served at most sushi restaurants isn't the real thing, and they’ll be thrilled to tote this to the sushi bar.

  • Small
    1/2 Ounce (good pocket size)
  • Medium
    1-1/4 Ounces

three canisters
Food-Scented Home Products  

Scented Soy Candles

These aren’t just any ordinary scented candles. The“Grove” Collection candles come in appetite-inducing scents like Yuzu, Whiteflower, Avocado, and Guavapeel.

  • 15 Ounce Full Sized “Grove Series” Soy
  • Pocket (Travel) Soy Candle


Sweet Grass Farm
All Natural Hand Soaps

Sweet Grass Farm’s All Natural Hand Soaps are made with ingredients that smell good enough to eat and produce a thick luxurious lather. The bakers and pastry lovers on your shopping list will love Baked Apples and Cream and Vanilla Oatmeal. Other mouthwatering scents include Clove Cinnamon Bay, Peppermint Swirl, Rose Orange Cinnamon and Lemon & Lavender. They also make great gifts for teens and college students, and are wonderful in gift baskets.

  • Handcrafted Bar Soap

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© Copyright 2005-2022 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.