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October 2005
Last Updated August 2010

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Seasonal Candies

Classics for Kids & The Kid in You


Call us a bunch of big kids, but we love the classic candies from Marich.  They give us that old-time nostalgia with old-fashioned tasty fun. To fill your candy dish with harvest colors, here are some of our favorites. They’re so affordable, you can give a little treat to friends, neighbors, teachers, letter carriers, hairdressers, and anyone who could use a little bit of “thinking of you.”

Tempting Tidbits


Fill crystal dishes with bright
seasonal colors.

Marich Classic Candies

  • Licorice Pastels: Chewy licorice coated with a candy shell.
  Licorice Pastels
  • Fruit Sours: sweet and sour candies flavored with lemon, raspberry and tangerine.
  Fruit Sours
  • Orange Vanilla Bites: These little morsels are soft and chewy.
  Orange Vanilla Bites
  • Black Licorice Bites: Classic licorice flavor. These look festive when mixed with the Orange Vanilla Bites.
  Black Licorice Bites
  • Pumpkin Cheesecake Caramels: These candies combine great Autumn flavors into bite sized pieces.
  Pumpkin Cheesecake Caramel


Kosher Certification: K-of-K (Pareve)

  • Per Bag
    $5.95 to $9.95

Purchase online at



Silver Candy Dish
This gorgeous silver candy dish is handmade by Salisbury Sterling, one of the finest sterling silver manufacturers in the U.S., and can be engraved.



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