kasilof smoked fish
Kasilof's smoked fish make it a breeze to put together a quick and easy meal.


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October 2005

Product Reviews / Kosher Nibbles / Kosher Meat & Fish

Kasilof Smoked Fish

Tempting Today, It Can Sit For Five Years


Gourmet products with a long shelf life are rare. Most products that can sit in the cupboard long enough to forget about are laden with chemicals and additives. We found a real gem in Kasilof Smoked Fish: three varieties of mouth-watering, 100% natural filets that will last on your shelf for an amazing five years!

Kasilof products are hot-smoked.* Great attention to detail goes into the making of each smoked filet. The fish are harvested from the glacial, stream-fed waters of Alaska.  Each fish is hand-filleted and cured using simple brine, and then placed over alder wood to smoke until the Kasilof smokemasters determine it has reached perfection.  The filets are moist and flaky right out of the package, and can be snacked on “neat” or used to dress up everyday foods. Simply slice open the foil package and drain the liquid.

*Hot smoking means curing fish by smoking at a temperature of 160 to 175°F, which cooks the flesh: no further cooking is necessary. Cold smoking means curing fish by smoking at an air temperature not higher than 91°F to avoid cooking the flesh or coagulating the protein. Nova Scotia salmon, or lox, is an example of cold smoked fish.

  • To begin the day, use Wild Sockeye Salmon instead of Canadian bacon to make Eggs Benedict—or put any of the three on a bagel.
  • For lunch, toss Smoked Halibut with a simple salad and a gourmet Caesar dressing.
  • At dinnertime, any variety of Kasilof Smoked Fish makes a welcome appearance in a hearty chowder; or go “gourmet” and put some flakes of moist, smoked fish atop or aside a broiled fish filet.
  • With cocktails, a small slice on a cracker, rye or pumpernickel round with crème fraîche or sour cream, and a sprig of dill is hors d’oeuvres harmony.

The lightweight packages are perfect for picnicking or camping: an easy way to bring gourmet flavors to a day in the great outdoors. The packaging is attractive and appropriate for holiday baskets and corporate gifts.

Even though it could wait patiently on your shelf for five years, we doubt you’ll be patient for five days.


Gourmet Smoked Fish

Kosher Certification: Kof-K (Pareve)

  • Wild Alaskan Smoked Salmon
    3-ounce pillow pack (choice of color)
  • Smoked Trout
    3 ounces
  • Smoked Halibut
    5 ounces

Purchase online at

Shipping and taxes additional. Prices and flavor availability are subject to change.

smoked salmon pouches

Kasilof's smoked salmon in pillow packs.


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