Celebration RoastOriginal Field Roast Grain Meat Co. wins THE NIBBLE’s Gold Star for best in show at the 2009 Winter Fancy Food Show. Great taste, great for the planet.





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February 2009

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Winter Fancy Food Show 2009

Page 3: Best Of Show Products


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And The Winners Are...    

After tasting and tasting for three days, three products distinguished themselves as not only superb, but distinctly different from anything else in their category. It is to them that we award THE NIBBLE’s Gold, Silver and Bronze Stars for excellence and innovation at Winter 2009 Fancy Food Show.

Original Field Roast Grain Meat Co.:
Meatless Meats

For creating such a delicious line of food—regardless of whether it is vegan or otherwise—Original Field Roast Grain Meat Co. has to win a citation. The fact that it is meatless but tastes and looks as good as meat means two things:

People who need to avoid cholesterol can have food that is just as delicious as what they enjoyed previously. And people who want to eat less meat (or no meat) for ethical reasons or to slow down global warming (18% of greenhouse gases are attributed to the methane produced by animals bred for meat) have a truly wonderful option here.

Celebration Roast
Original Field Roast’s Celebration Roast en croûte with julienned vegetables.


Silver Moon
Spirits-Infused Ice Creams & Sorbets

Ice cream just may be our favorite food. We eat every brand we come across. That’s how we’re able to recognize something truly special.

Silver Moon’s ice creams and sorbets infused with spirits and liqueurs aren’t gimmicky—they’re magnificent. These desserts and palate cleansers belong in the finest restaurants—or in your freezer.

Silver Moon Ice Cream


Essential Cane Flavored Sugars

For advancing the category with savory sugars as well as sweet sugars, our Bronze Star goes to the Essential Cane line.

Visit the website to see the entire line and all of the creative things that you can do with these flavored sugars.

Essential Cane Sugar

We look forward to writing complete reviews of these and other products from the show in the coming months.

European-Style Flavored Butter

Epicurean Butter debuted their new 83% moisture European Style Butters, one with sea salt and olive oil (in tub at right), the other with lime sea salt and olive oil. They’re packaged in table crocks that make it easy to keep the tub at room temperature for a soft bread spread. With 180,000 products to taste at the show, we stood at the booth eating spoonfuls of this higher-moisture butter. For those of you who think sweet butter with sea salt crystals is a bit of heaven, wait until you try it with lime sea salt and olive oil worked in.

While we couldn’t “discover” Epicurean Butter or give them a star because their compound butters are already a Top Pick Of The Week, we have to acknowledge them with an honorable mention. Given all the food in San Francisco, we went home with a tub of butter, got a fine French baguette, and made a great dinner of it.

European Style Butter


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© Copyright 2005-2018 Lifestyle Direct, Inc. All rights reserved. All images are copyrighted to their respective owners.