Bacon, cheese, hash browns and onion rings: Can you resist the Farmer John Cheeseburger? Photography courtesy Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board.




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Cheeseburger selection and commentary by LEAH HANSEN.



October 2009
Last Updated September 2010

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Cheeseburger Recipes

Create Cheeseburgers With New Toppings For An Exciting Twist

CAPSULE REPORT: According to the Encyclopedia of American Food & Drink, the average American eats 3 burgers per week, or 156 burgers per year. With so many burgers consumed, there’s a lot of room for creativity: combinations of toppings to give the average burger a delicious twist. For starters, think beyond the wrapped yellow slice to the hundreds of varieties of exciting cheese, from soft French chevre to real farmhouse Cheddar. But don’t stop there: You can also experiment with vegetables, cold cuts and herbs as well as switching that supermarket bun or kaiser roll for something more gourmet. Here, we present eight cheeseburger recipes, courtesy of the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, for some very special cheeseburgers. There are many more available at This is Page 1 of a 4-page article. Click on the black links below to view the other pages.

On The Menu

The Farmer John

If you spend your days baling hay, milking cows or plowing fields like Farmer John, you know a thing or two about working up an appetite. Standing strong with a stack of hunger-satisfying fixings, The Farmer John is perfect for anyone who ends the day with an appetite as big as the sky.


  • Limburger cheese
  • Beef patty
  • Bacon
  • Onion rings
  • Hash browns
  • White French bread
  • Parsley garnish
Farmer John Cheeseburger

The Firehouse

If you smell smoke when taking a bite of The Firehouse, don’t be alarmed: It’s just your taste buds going up in flames. Hot capicola, pickled jalapeños and pepperoncini make The Firehouse one hot and spicy cheeseburger. Be sure to keep your favorite cold beverage close at hand.


Firehouse Cheeseburger



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