Thai ChickenNo matter what you’re cooking up, using better-quality poultry, like Bell & Evans or Wise chicken, is the first step in making your dish taste that much more wonderful. Photo of Thai Chicken by G. Vision | SXC.



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Nibble Tip

The Muscovy duck, also known as the Barbary or Barbarie, is leaner than the Pekin duck, with redder meat and a more pronounced flavor. Because the breed originated in the hot climate of Brazil, it has thinner skin and much less fat than other breeds, making it popular with diners and cooks alike. A boneless hen breast is like a “duck steak” because each “side” weighs about 8 ounces: one breast and makes a nice portion for two people. The Muscovy is hybrid with Mallards (sometimes Pekins) to produce Moulards, which are also low in fat.

Grimaud Muscovy Duck

To make duck that’s less fatty with crisper skin, choose the Muscovy breed.

If you want to serve the legs as well, you can purchase a dozen extra Muscovy duck legs, and the breasts and legs will serve 12 people, as shown in the tempting photo above. Serve a delicious Pinot Noir or Burgundy with it.