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Now your dog gourmet can enjoy his or her own “sorbet” treat: all natural and a thirst-quencher any time of year.





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Until she discovered Chilly Dawg, MELODY LAN gave her dog ice cubes after a long run, instead of dairy-based ice creams.



December 2005

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Chilly Dawg

All-Natural Frozen Treats for Your Best Friend


As much as you want to share your delicious mint chip ice cream with your loving companion—the one with four feet—it probably won’t digest well in his tummy. Becky Marshall, founder of Chilly Dawg, understands those pleading eyes, and created a dog-friendly alternative to ice cream.

Marshall knew that dairy products were not good for dogs, but as she was researching frozen dog treats, she found products that contained dairy, allergens, preservatives, animal fats, and chemicals. She created Chilly Dawg as a healthy alternative, an all-natural frozen treat.

In four dog-tantalizing flavors, her all natural “dogsicles” are free of dairy, preservatives, animal fats, or chemicals. Taste-tested by dog gourmets (who else?), they received universal “woofs.” As with Pavlov’s dogs, ours learned to listen for the freezer door, and came a-running even before the cups reached the floor.

Chilly Dawg frozen treats are soy-milk based, but similar are to Italian ices in consistency. In Berry Bite, Barkin’ Apple, Puppy Nutter, and Beggin’ Banana, they really do smell like the flavors on the label; but the recipes are developed to suit canines’ palates. In other words, if you took your own taste test of Chilly Dawg, your palate might taste flavorless ice, while your nose played tricks on you (yes, we do taste everything we review at THE NIBBLE™). But you can rest assured that your dog’s phenomenal taste buds will enjoy intense flavors.  Here’s what’s in these all-natural treats:

  • Barkin' Apple: unsalted soy milk, apple puree, cinnamon
  • Beggin' Banana: unsalted soy milk, banana puree, dehydrated banana slices (banana vegetable oil, sugar, honey, natural flavors)
  • Berry Bite: unsalted soy milk, peanut butter (unsalted peanuts, canola oil), crushed unsalted peanuts
  • Puppy Nutter: unsalted soy milk, blueberry puree, vanilla

Skye, one of our picky four-legged taste testers, particularly recommends Berry Bite and Puppy Nutter. He gobbled up those two flavors quickly, while he licked up Beggin’ Banana and Barkin’ Apple at a somewhat slower rate (but nonetheless finished every drop of them all).

As you plan your own cornucopia of desserts this holiday season, how about a little Chilly Dawg buffet for your resident canine and his/her guests? It may be chilly outside, but this will be a hot item in Dogville.

Chilly Dawg
Barkin’ Apple, Beggin’ Banana, Berry Bite, Puppy Nutter

  • Frozen Treats
    12 Pack

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puppy nutter
Above, Puppy Nutter.  Below, Beto asks, “May I
have another, please?"


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