Saratoga Chips
History in a bowl: The original potato chip, long out of business, is now thriving again in Saratoga Springs, New York. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.



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September 2009

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Original Saratoga Chips

The Original Potato Chip Brand Is Reborn



CAPSULE REVIEW: Out of business since the 1920s, the original potato chip brand, Saratoga Chips, has a new life thanks to entrepreneurs who revived the brand. Producing the chip exactly as the original (or as close as can be determined), they’ve reintroduced a quality chip worth seeking out.


You can read our long version of the history of the potato chip, but here’s the shortie:

On August 24, 1853 in another elegant dining room: this one, at the fashionable Moon Lake Lodge in Saratoga Springs, New York, a wealthy diner sent his fried potatoes back to the kitchen claiming they were “too thick.”  The ornery cook made a new batch, intentionally slicing the potatoes paper-thin and frying them to a crisp. But the “I’ll show him” stunt was an instant hit: The fussy patron and his friends loved the “crunch potato slices.”

Soon the chips became known as Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips and were sold in boxes (the grease-proof wax paper bag had not yet been invented, much less foil or plastic bags). Saratoga Chips were sold through 1920s as the name evolved to “potato chips” so other companies could highlight their own brand names. The Moon Brand company went out of business as Lay’s, Wise and other chip makers rose to national and regional prominence, and Original Saratoga Chips fell into obscurity.   

The Rebirth Of The Original Potato Chips

Local entrepreneurs Dan Jameson and Paul Tator saw a box of Moon Brand Original Saratoga Chips packaging at the Saratoga Springs History Museum. After thoroughly researching the many stories about the methods and recipe used, they were ready for business. The “new” chips are made in individual batches by local artisans, to provide the authentic, original boxed Saratoga Chip experience.

Original Saratoga Chips

And how do they taste?

If you like very salty potato chips, head to the supermarket, and not toward the Original Saratoga Chips. The patrons of Moon Lake Lodge had money and refined palates. They liked their food with finesse.

And finesse is what you get here. The chips are very thin, made from fine Yukon Gold potatoes, fried in cottonseed oil and lightly salted with sea salt so that you can taste the goodness of the potato. Saratoga Chips have a quarter of the sodium of most chips. That, folks, is the original potato chip recipe.

Saratoga Chips

Light, crisp and lightly salted, this is a comeback worth waiting for. Photo by Hannah Kaminsky | THE NIBBLE.

A good neighbor, Saratoga Specialty Company, producer of Original Saratoga Chips, utilizes the clients of Unlimited Potential, a local organization that trains mentally challenged adults to do specific tasks and to transition into jobs. They are doing the final packaging and product labeling for the chips as well as building store fixtures.

Combining history, great taste and good deeds, Saratoga Chips make a wonderful gift for any chip lover.


Original Saratoga Chips

  • 1.5-Ounce Box
  • 9-Ounce Gift Box

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As Of October 1, 2009

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Saratoga Chips
Authentic reproductions of the original box featuring the
bucolic Moon Lake Lodge. Shown: 9-ounce box. Photo by
Erika Meller | THE NIBBLE.