True North Nut Snacks
Delicious, nutritious and fun: True North nut snacks. Photography by Saidi Granados.





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August 2008

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True North Nut Snacks

Page 2: Nut Crisp Crackers & Peanut Crunches


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True North Nut Crisps
Almond Nut Crisps (front) and Pistachio
Nut Crisps.

True North Nut Crisps

Wow, these are great! They look like crackers, but they taste like something very different. Think of the cello-wrapped peanut butter cheese sandwiches without the cheese, but in this case, the peanut flavor is in the cracker, not the filling. They’re so flavorful, no dip or spread is needed; but go ahead—be creative. The flavors include:

  • Almond
  • Peanut
  • Pistachio

True North Crisps contain wheat.

True North Nut Crunches

Like peanuts? If you couldn’t stop eating them by the handful before, we may have to warn you about, with a slightly sweet coating, in two flavors:

  • Honey Wheat Peanut
  • Toasted Sesame Peanut

Both can be eaten from the bowl, on top of ice cream and other desserts, and are terrific in salads.

True North Peanut Crunches contain wheat.

True North Peanut Crunch
Honey Wheat Peanut Crunch: Yummy coated peanuts make great recipe ingredients as well
as snacks.

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