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Sontava Organic Salsas. Photo by S.Cukrov.





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KAREN HOCHMAN is editorial director of THE NIBBLE™.



February 2007

Product Reviews / NutriNibbles / NutriCondiments

Sontava Organic Salsas

Authentic Salsas Plus A Peachy Keen Variation


CAPSULE REPORT: Recently we reviewed D.L. Jardine’s line of all-natural salsas—one of the best lines of all-natural, shelf-stable salsas we’ve ever tasted. The company makes a USDA-certified organic line, under the Sontava label, for the growing group of consumers who want a thoroughly organic product. While the Sontava line is much smaller and has simpler flavors than the D.L. Jardine’s line, it offers a tasty alternative—including Peach Salsa, D.L. Jardine’s best-seller—for organic food enthusiasts.

No shrinking violets here: D.L. Jardine knows how to spice a salsa. Their new USDA-certified organic line, under the Sontava label, puts a bit of a kick into three flavors, plus a more docile peach.

  • Authentic Salsa—Mild. Not exactly mild, this flavor has a peppery kick, but won’t knock out your taste buds.
  • Authentic Salsa—Medium. The heat is ratcheted up a notch for this one; it's fiery, but not fierce.
  • Chipotle Salsa. This flavor needs some work: while perfectly tasty, it doesn’t have enough smoky chipotle distinction for us. The heat level is the same as the medium Authentic Salsa. The consistency is of tomato and chipotle flavor, but not the added green pepper and onion of the Authentics. We’d go for the medium until the details are worked out.
  • Peach Salsa. The most popular flavor, this peach won’t disappoint. Sweet from the peaches, while peppery and tangy from vinegar, a most harmonious blend.

Grab some organic tortilla chips, and you’re in business. Or, spoon these tasty salsas over eggs, poultry, seafood, pork, burgers.... there’s a reason why salsa outsells ketchup. (Although, as one taster noted, it’s normal to finish an entire bottle of savory salsa in one meal. If you finish an entire bottle of sweet ketchup—uh oh.)

Mild, Medium, Chipotle and Peach Salsas

Certified USDA Organic

  • 16-Ounce Jar
    $5.99 to $6.99

To order, telephone

For more information about D.L. Jardine’s, visit: The Sontava line is not yet on the website.

Shipping additional. Prices and flavor availability are verified at publication but are subject to change.

Sontava Organic Salsas
Sontava Salsas.


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