French Provincial Cooking by Elizabeth David
David goes beyond creating a French cookbook: she welcomes you into the world of French cooking.


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Jessica Tagliaferro is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer, editor, and librarian. 


June 2005


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French Provincial Cooking

By Elizabeth David

David studied and worked abroad during and after World War II where, she developed a palate for Provencal cooking. Her writing brought to life the world of French and Mediterranean culinary traditions for the post-war English much in the way that Child did for the Americans. Reading David is a delight as much for her sumptuous descriptions of the characters, sights, and flavors of these culinary regions when they were still “old world” places, as much for her ladylike presentation. David’s outspokenness in defense of farm fresh ingredients at a time when processed convenience foods were entering the marketplace will certainly resonate with followers the whole/slow food movement today.

  • 544 pages
  • Penguin Classic Series
  • 1960

A favorite book of Jessica Tagliaferro














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