Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico
You don't have to travel all over Mexico to learn authentic Mexican dishes.


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Shawn Roarke is a freelance writer in Keyport, NJ.


July 2005



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Authentic Mexican: Regional Cooking from the Heart of Mexico

By Rick Bayless

This book is clearly a work of love for Bayless, and his wife Deann, who travelled many miles to explore and recreate the distinct styles of cooking found in each of Mexico's six regions. As usual with Bayless, the results are stunning. The author's knowledge and passion for Mexican cuisine oozes from almost every page, taking the reader on a journey into the soul of Mexican cuisine. Once again, Bayless is nothing if not thorough. His chapters on ingredients and techniques are not the generic throwaways that litter far too many current cookbooks; rather they are detailed explorations of the subjects that would make any master chef proud. He also provides both the English and Spanish names to each recipe, further developing the sense of authenticity that is his stated mission. And, in what has become Bayless' trademark, each recipe is annotated with copious cooks' notes to help overcome any potential potholes. His history of many of Mexico's food staples, while a sidebar here, are captivating in their own right.

  • 384 pages
  • Morrow Cookbooks
  • 1987

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