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THE NIBBLE offers the following RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds. Each of the feeds below contains story headlines and article summaries, with links directly to the full article on

  1. Daily Food Holiday sends tidbits and ruminations on America’s “daily food holidays.”
  2. General Feed sends you all new content on (summaries of reviews and articles) plus daily news posts to IT CONTAINS THE 8 FEEDS BELOW, SO YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN UP FOR THEM SEPARATELY.
  3. Gourmet News & Views sends you ONLY the news portion of the blog—not the reviews or article summaries.
  4. Tip Of The Day sends you food tips on everything from entertaining to recipes to new products.
  5. Top Pick Of The Week sends you ONLY our top product pick of the week (these are the 52 best products we taste each year).
  6. Diet Nibbles sends you ONLY our diet product review and articles. These can be sugar free, fat free, gluten free, calorie free, etc.
  7. Kosher Nibbles sends you ONLY our kosher product reviews and articles.
  8. NutriNibbles sends you ONLY our organic and wellness product reviews and articles.
  9. Special Sweets sends you ONLY reviews and articles about sweet foods: candy, cake, chocolate, cookies, ice cream, desserts, pie, pastry, etc.


TO RECEIVE A FEED BY RSS, click on the appropriate black link below. You will be taken to the feed’s page. Then, simply paste the URL at the top of that page into your RSS reader.

TO GET THE FEED VIA EMAIL, click on the envelope icon and follow instructions. The emails will be sent via Feedburner.


Daily Food Holiday: *   Subscribe by Mail
General Feed:   Subscribe by Mail
Gourmet News:   Subscribe by Mail
Tip Of The Day:   Subscribe by Mail
Top Pick Of The Week:   Subscribe by Mail
Diet Nibbles:   Subscribe by Mail
Kosher Nibbles:   Subscribe by Mail
NutriNibbles:   Subscribe by Mail
Special Sweets:   Subscribe by Mail


*The RSS buttons are not clickable. Instead, click on the black links to the left.

†The envelope icons are clickable. Click to get your feed(s) sent via email.


Create Custom RSS Feeds

In addition to the pre-set feeds above, you can customize your RSS feeds.

When does this make sense? If you are only interested in receiving information about a few categories of food—e.g., beer, pasta and salsa (or whatever your favorites are), and don’t want to hear about any others.

Here’s how to customize your information:

  • Go to
  • Look at the list of categories (partial list shown at the right). Decide which interest you—beer, pasta, coffee, meat, salsa, whatever.
  • Click the category link, one at a time. Then, go to the browser window and add the word “feed” to the URL.
  • In the example below, you are creating an RSS feed for chocolate, by clicking on the underlined word “Chocolate” in the list of categories. Here’s what the browser window looks like:


These are just a few of the separate categories you can choose.

Navigation Window

  • Next, type the word “feed” at the end of the URL (without the quotes), and click the “go” arrow (or however you proceed with your browser).

Blog Feed

  • This will bring you to a page where you will see options for subscribing to the chocolate RSS feed (delivered to your RSS reader or to your email via Feedburner). It will also show you all of the posts under Chocolate (or whatever category you have selected.
  • If you want another custom feed, repeat the steps.

Are You New To RSS?

Click here for more information about how to get started with using RSS feeds. (This is a pop-up window.)




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