Butter Boat
Keep butter on the table at all times, fresh, soft and ready to spread, in a butter boat. No refrigeration is needed: simply add cold water to the base. Through the process of insulation and evaporation, the butter stays fresh for up to 21 days. Butter boats come in every style, from traditional to ultra-modern.



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Table Accessories

Serving Pieces As Impressive As The Food


Just as with clothing accessories, you can dress a table up or down with the sophistication of your table accessories. Are your candlesticks and sugar bowl cut crystal, or are they painted ceramics? Are the colors dark monochromes or mixed bright hues?  We’ll be adding more to this section, but the style of our first entrant, Berryware, is definitely the latter. Click here to tell us about your favorites.

Nibble Tip

From 18th-century to ultra-modern, sugar bowls, creamers, salt-and-pepper shakers and other table accessories add personality to any table. Why not collect them and use a different one each month.  They don’t have to match your dishes, they don’t take up  much storage space, and you can find them at yard sales. Let the kids make the selection, and give them the job of switching over the sugar, salt and pepper on the first day of the month. The very modern sugar bowl at the right, by Blomus, is very affordable (and has a matching creamer). Click here for more information or to purchase.

Blomus Sugar Bowl


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